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“ISO presents a fundamental shift in the way Web3 IoT projects are incubated, built, fundraised, launched, and succeed.” 

Initial Sensor Offering

Introducing Initial Sensor Offering (ISO) by MXC Foundation, a game changer for Web3 IoT. ISO supports entrepreneurs and projects building on the MXC data network, offering infrastructure, services, and plug-in tools. This creates data connectivity scarcity, attracting more miners and stakeholders, and driving MXC ecosystem growth. With a dedicated fund for ISO projects, the opportunities are endless. Participate in ISO campaigns and join the Web3 IoT revolution – changing the world, one sensor at a time.

Benefits for Projects

Global reach, accelerated growth.
ISO has it all - from incubation to launch, and beyond.


Get access to a wealth of tools, templates, and code bases. Slash go-to-market time and blast through roadblocks.


Tap into the passion of Web3 IoT enthusiasts. Crowdfund with ease, accepting MXC and credit card contributions.

post-launch utility

Unleash the full potential of your token with AXS App. Mine, stake, bond, and more. Your token is ready to soar.

Benefits forMiners

Connect, certify, and mine like a pro. One miner, endless possibilities - the choice is completely yours.

Multi-Token Hub

Choose which ISO projects to mine and allocate your power accordingly. Get bonuses and access to truly multi-token mining.


Mining multiple tokens shouldn't be complicated. With easy multi-chain access, mine multiple tokens in one app.

Full Stack

MXC drives the development of Web3 IoT by incubating and investing in its ecosystem, pushing its potential beyond just transactions and data.

Token scarcity

As ISO projects lock up MXC in AXS App, token scarcity is created. As ISO projects build on MXC zkEVM using MXC tokens as gas fees, scarcity is set to steadily increase.

network scarcity

ISO is set to bring millions of sensors onto the MXC data network. With massive demand for network certification and connectivity, network scarcity serves as the primary driver of growth.

layering solution

ISO takes MXC closer to becoming a full-stack layering solution. By incubating and investing in the Web3 IoT ecosystem, MXC isn't just facilitating transactions and data - it's shaping the future, and dictating what Web3 IoT can potentially be.

Benefits for MXC

ISO is set to significantly increase the demand for MXC, both on the token and network levels. The launch of MXC zkEVM transforms that demand into token usage.

The 8 Steps of ISO

1. Prepare

Projects study the vetting categories and view the checklist to prepare for ISO

2. Apply

Projects submit the application form and complete the KYC/AML check

3. Vetting

Projects pitch further to MXC and relevant institutional stakeholders

4. Onboard

Selected applicants connect with the wider MXC team and receive plug-ins and toolkits

5. Build

Using the provided tools, projects fast-track the development and complete audit

6. Grow

With the help of MXC, businesses connect with the wider Web3 community

7. Raise

A fundraising round is conducted, receiving contributions in card payments and MXC tokens

8. Expand

Token is launched, and enjoy the post-launch token utility plug-ins provided by MXC


By the People, For the People

We are seeking early-stage teams and entrepreneurs with experience who are passionate about innovating in Web3 IoT and serving the wider community.

Building the product of tomorrow

Successful ISO projects need to show their relevance within Web3 IoT, demonstrate technical viability, prove clear utility, and make a real impact on the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Structurally Sound

There can be no compromise on structural integrity - from token to financial structure, audited codes to operational security. Projects must meet our highest standards to protect the global mining community.

Kickstart your
BUIDL journey
on DataStarter

DataStarter, the primary ISO platform, allows early-stage founders and teams to benefit from significantly increased exposure. Projects building on the MXC zkEVM benefit from fundraising, additional revenue streams, and exclusive grants. Apply for ISO on DataStarter, and start building on MXC zkEVM!

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