Explore, build and conquer the MXC Metaverse

MXC brings you the open-world metaverse: gamified mining in a virtual world

MXC is bridging IoT with the Metaverse


Discover a new virtual world with MXC Mapper

Jump into our crypto mining map and start employing LPWAN gateways to your advantage.

A  virtual world of benefits for the MXC community


Boost your mining performance with F-NFTs

Functional NFTs will enable novel ways to increase mining capabilities and engage communities in a virtual Metaverse where you  can mine, build, and trade

data nfts

Deploy real world assets into the MXC Metaverse

With the roll out of Data NFTs, you’ll be able to tag real world object’s  into the metaverse and  explore new ways to engage with  Web3 communities.


End-to-end payments and financial management in a single solution

competitive advantage

Increase mining capabilities and compete with other miners

virtual real estate

Rent out your land to other miners & reap rewards

set your fees

Burn or sell land with your own fees


Occupy your hexagon on Mapper to validate more PoP

extended reach

See all possible devices in your zone

universal standard

Use ERC-20 standard NFTs on our marketplace


Create your unique avatar

Our roadmap for the MXC Metaverse

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Metaverse integration
of MXMapper
Rollout of MetaXP,
F-NFTs and gamification
Hexagon occupy
Rollout of Data NFTs  for real word assets