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The MXProtocol supports the the IoT data economy by empowering individuals and organizations to participate in the creation of a public, worldwide, decentralized, and secure LPWAN network for Web 3 & IoT.

Participate in the backbone
of the Web3 economy

proof of participation

Provide robust IoT network coverage

Proof of Participation (PoP) is the consensus mechanism that ensures that the MX Protocol provides consistently reliable LPWAN network coverage. Mining performance is determined by miner health, which can easily be managed from our AXS App.

MXC Token

The fuel for transacting data between IoT devices

The MXC Token is an ERC-20 utility token that facilitates M2M transactions within the MX Protocol.  Providing network coverage with your miner gives you the opportunity to mine a variety of data and crypto tokens.

Where you can find our token

m2 pro miner

Start mining with M2Pro

The MXProtocol relies on a decentralized network of M2Pro Miners to provide LPWAN coverage. Anyone can gather data as an asset and resell it. Check out the world's first IoT crypto miner & start mining today!


Made to Perform

Instinctive mining technology with unlimited potential, made for all mining experience levels. Easy use, low power, multi-token rig.

Use Cases, for the MXProtocol


Tokenized Car Sharing

Covering an entire city center in LPWAN allows individuals to simply build their own completely independent network, thereby reducing the cost for services such as car sharing. Using LPWAN significantly reduces the costs of fleet tracking, especially when compared with the high costs of tracking using a SIM card and a traditional Telco network. Additionally, car doors can be locked and unlocked using LPWAN, thereby increasing security for users. By bringing such key services, MXC provides transparency and greatly enhances customer experience.

Tokenized Car Sharing
Smart City

Smart City Infrastructure

Integrating LPWAN sensors into waste disposal systems can enable city authorities to track waste build-up more effectively and optimize the removal supply chain thanks to its tokenized network infrastructure. By ensuring that appropriate recources are allocated effectively, the MX Protocol contributes to increased safety, security and general well-being of residents around the city.

Smart City Infrastructure
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