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MXC is part of the new-generation Token movement.

Our goal is to be the most successful IoT token by implementing a “Global IoT Standard”, the MXProtocol, it’s time to implement Blockchain solutions, it’s time to change lives.


Smart Cities

MXC IoT solutions provide a wide scope of essential data services, measuring everything from air-quality, water purity & even commuter traffic.

Together with the MXProtocol we're not only delivering Smart Cities, we're improving lives!

Use Cases

Smart Data

Using the MXC exchange and the power of LPWAN technology; Petabytes of device data and literally billions of transmissions are being sent on a daily basis, more efficiently and more frequently than ever before!

Use Cases

Smart Business

We understand Data Hardware complexities. MXC has exclusive, fully functional, global hardware infrastructure partnerships in over 40 countries. MXC Nodes are global, and we are open for business!

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MXC Shared Economy


You're invited to play an active part in the Global MXC Device Data Network. The power is truly in your hands


MXC tech gives you the chance to promote and profit from your Decentralised Data Network on a Global scale


A real Shared Economy means real rewards. All profits go directly back to you, the driving power behind MXC

MXC Advisors

Sunny Lu, CEO of the VeChain Foundation

Sunny Lu

CEO of the VeChain Foundation

"At its heart MXC is a data trade network that leverages the sharing economy to form very wide, efficient networks where sensitive data is not shared randomly, an issue so many other solutions do not address"
Bo Shen, General Partner of Fenbushi Capital

Bo Shen

General Partner of Fenbushi Capital

"MXC’s unique offering will change the way IoT data is monetized, enabling distributed commerce both for companies and for individuals."
Meinhard Benn, SatoshiPay Founder. Blockchain advocate since 2012

Meinhard Benn

SatoshiPay Founder. Blockchain advocate since 2012

"By building a unique para-chain MXC is significantly increasing the interoperability of the existing singular chains out there. This is ground-breaking for the chain economy!"
Leo Wang, Founder of Pre-Angel, early investor in NEO

Leo Wang

Founder of Pre-Angel, early investor in NEO

"I am excited by not just new technology, but new, revolutionary ideas, this is what drives my investment decisions."
Dr. David Lee Kuo Chuen, Co-founder of BlockAsset, Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at the Singapore University of Social Science

Dr. David Lee Kuo Chuen

Co-founder of BlockAsset, Professor of FinTech and Blockchain at the Singapore University of Social Science

"We share a primary interest with the MXC Foundation regarding decentralization as an area of research and investment. Open and inclusive blockchain has many socially beneficial properties besides being auditably secure and transparently accountable."
Jeffrey Wernick, AirBnb & Uber Advisors & Investor. Bitcoin advocate since 2009

Jeffrey Wernick

AirBnb & Uber Advisors & Investor. Bitcoin advocate since 2009

"MXC is doing things that simply no one else is doing: linking both Blockchain with Hardware, this is a massive step forward for technology."



Economic Whitepaper

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Reading time: 2 hours

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MXC Leadership Team


Aaron Wagener


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Aaron is a true global visionary with over 15 years strategic business experience at some of the world’s largest digital corporations. Fostering a global reputation of success, his unique ability and determination to deliver complex, new-age business models into early markets has seen him deliver multi-million dollar profitability in 4 continents




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Xin has written a number of award winning scientific papers on IoT and Data Networks. He recently won the prestigious CES innovation award and owns a number of data driven technological patents. Xin is a true believer in data technology and is determined to lead the way on LPWAN technology





Vlad’s passion for performance has seen him at the forefront of software development for over 15 years. Before joining MXC Vlad worked on complex Blockchain development solutions, revolutionising the Real-Estate industry. Vlad is focusing putting hardware on the Blockchain, truly revolutionising the world of IoT devices


Piotr Brzezinski

IoT Protocol Engineer


Piotr is a Master of Science, and brings with him over 7 years experience working within the IoT industry. He’s been the driving force behind G.i.N and Siemens and has now taken this experience to become the lead engineer at MXC, developing award winning IoT designs and structuring hardware for the Blockchain

MXC in action