The MXC ISO check list

View the complete checklist to help you prepare for the ISO

Project Overview

  • Project Name

  • Website

  • Twitter

  • Community Space (Discord or Telegram)

  • Chain chosen (MXC-zkEVM or DHX-Tanganika)

  • Project description

  • Primary focus on IoT

  • Whitepaper, Litepaper of Technology Introduction Deck

Required focus on hardware implementation

  • Compatibility with M2 Pro

  • Compatibility with NEO

  • Development of standalone, own hardware (devices, sensors, etc)

Token Details

  • Token name

  • Token symbol

  • Total supply

  • Decimals

  • Allocation %

  • Description of each allocation type

  • Vesting - Cliff

  • Vesting schedule

  • Valuation per round

Competitive Advantage and Revenue Stream

  • Competitive advantage

  • Revenue stream

  • Tokenomics (if not using the tokenomics template provided by ISO)


  • Valid government-issued ID of the main applicant

  • Incorporation

    • Certificate of Incorporation

Team and Roadmap

  • Team description

  • Roadmap

    • Next 2 quarters

    • Onwards

Value Proposition

  • Value proposition to the current MXC community

  • Value proposition to the wider Web3 community