Welcome to the world of DataDash Meta-XP!

Together with our M2 Pro mining community, we’re celebrating the next step in transforming your current mining participation into a truly decentralized, multi-token mining experience. This is a moment for celebration for all supporters of the MXC Foundation, as we evolve further towards the world of Web3 IoT, and it’s a step we take together with you. Meta-XP is designed to benefit the growth of MXC as a global movement and to benefit the growth of our mining community in a sustainable way.

What will change?

Some of the more noticeable changes are the layout of your miner display page on the DataDash App. We have carefully arranged this page to demonstrate a number of key events in your multi-token mining experience.

1. F-NFT’s

Introducing F-NFT’s or as we call them “Functional NFT’s”. At the top of the mining page you’ll discover a unique electro-egg. This is a pre-hatch egg, meaning that if you choose to hatch it, a DataFunk will appear out of your unique egg. This egg is a literal window into the world of DataFunk NFT’s. Click on the egg to learn about the amazing world of DataFunks. Now, before you ask, yes, there will be a limited airdrop to those of our expansive mining community with the greatest miner health! DataFunks are unique and they’ll play an important role in MXCs ecosystem by providing utility, functionality and infinite possibilities in regards to Web3 and Metaverse scalability.


- First look into MXC Functional NFT’s
- Everyone will receive a pre-hatch egg on their new mining display
- Free DataFunk NFT airdrop will occur for existing miners with exceptional health

2. Multi-Token Mining

Since launch, the M2 Pro Miner has positioned itself as a truly multi-token miner. As a result, our more established miners will be offered a free opportunity to begin your mining migration to DataHighway (DHX) token. Mining migration is essential and will occur for all long-term MXC miners. It is important to note that as you transition to DHX mining, your mining fuel tank (Health) will play an essential role in your ability to get the most out of DataHighway token mining. The logical reason to begin this transition (which occurs for miners who have been on the network for quite some time) is to ensure continued sustainability and longevity of the MXC token. Moreover, it ensures you have the ability to mine on-chain tokens for decades to come. No, that wasn’t a typo, decades! To sweeten the deal even further there will be a free DataHighway token ($DHX) airdrop to our health conscious miners, ensuring they can easily and consciously transition into the world of the DataHighway token. This means you’ll be able to mine MXC, DHX and BTC all at the same time, with Polkadot mining to be launched later this year. There's never been a better time to mine with an M2 Pro Miner.


- Long-Term miners on the MXC network will be required to move gradually from MXC to the DHX mining network
- Miners with strong health will receive a free DHX airdrop to ensure their transition is easy

3. Meta-XP Rings

An exciting, new interactive element that is as unique as you are. Meta-XP rings demonstrate your participative mining on individual chains so you can accurately track your progress throughout your multi-token mining journey. From MXC, DHX, to Bitcoin and the soon to be released Polkadot mining, all aspects of your mining journey will be displayed here. You can accurately track your progress, compare that with other MXC supporters, and individually share your Meta-XP progress with each other!


- Your various token mining participation will now be clearly displayed on your mining page; everyone’s mining participation will be different
- Polkadot mining will be added to the Mining Rings in December, 2022

4. Hexagon Metaverse

The new entry into the Metaverse begins with version 1.0. In this first version rollout, we’re focusing on the M2 Pro Miner distribution. Why? Because, together with you, our global mining community, we're taking the essential step towards real-world data connectivity. To do this, we need fair coverage. This is how we become the world’s largest Web3 IoT Data Network. By implementing a 2.4km (1.5 miles) Hexagon diameter for every 10 M2 Pro, we’re allowing the fair spread of our network. In future roll-outs we will implement our meta-reality crossover, introducing DataFunk NFT’s, including everything from hexagon advertising, NFT promotions, leaderboards and exclusive offers. We’re building a one-of-a-kind network by the people, for the people and together we’re intent on covering the globe, one Hexagon at a time.


- The M2 Pro Mining network is growing, and the time to extend our IoT data reach has come
- Each Hexagon has a 2.4km Diameter (1.5miles) and there are a maximum of 10 Miners per Hexagon allowed
- Green Hexagons represent a freely available Hexagon for broad usage, Yellow Hexagons are somewhat full and Red Hexagons are completely full
- The spreading of miners is to prepare for our data network launch for full commercial usage across the globe

5. Altitude & Orientation Factors

We’ve removed these factors and they will no longer be a penalty towards your mining. The reason being, after a number of tests with our commercial data network partners we’ve already learnt a lot about our data network and the needs of our customers / partners such as: Gin 1689, Careband and Digital Matter.


After running a number of commercial tests with the MXC network across Asia, Europe and North America our partners have demonstrated the need for a network that values other areas over altitude and orientation of a miner, as a result we have removed these elements from our mining penalties

This is an exciting time towards becoming a sustainable mining community. We are truly excited to hear from EVERYONE and to increase the participation of our established mining community. We believe this is the most adventurous step into the world of Web3 ever, and we’re delighted to have you onboard!

In the following days we will continue to celebrate Meta-XP together with you, our MXC community! Including prizes and giveaways, from gift vouchers, multi-token merch packs, through to Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets, the world of Web3 IoT is here and MXC is making sure you are ready for the world of virtual reality!