Introducing the Edge X:

Combining Edge AI with On-Chain LoRa Technology

With Edge X, MXC is bringing on-chain reliability to hyperlocalized Artificial Intelligence

Empowering Innovation:

Edge X AI Camera

The Edge X AI Camera redefines smart technology, leveraging Edge AI and LoRa technology. Processing data locally ensures privacy and minimizes reliance on cloud computing. Trained on diverse datasets, it detects various objects and phenomena, offering invaluable insights while maintaining MXProtocol security standards.

What Sets Edge X AI Camera Apart?

Edge AI Technology:

The Edge X AI Camera harnesses advanced Edge AI technology, allowing data processing to occur locally near the source. Leveraging fusion sensors and visual feedback, it can receive and interpret real-time data, making it adaptable and trainable for various applications.

LoRa Connectivity:

With LoRa technology, the Edge X AI Camera can transmit data over long distances without internet connectivity, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer even in remote areas.

MXProtocol Integration:

MXProtocol Integration: Integrated with MXProtocol, the Edge X AI Camera ensures secure and efficient data transmission. MXProtocol facilitates machine-to-machine transactions, fostering precision, reliability, and transparency. This fusion of Edge AI and MXProtocol ensures scalable networks with robust encryption, enhancing security and data integrity.

Versatile Functionality:

The Edge X AI Camera offers diverse functionality, from wildlife monitoring to urban planning. Its trainable AI model adapts to different environments, providing actionable insights for businesses and individuals alike.

Blockchain-driven Feedback:

MXProtocol facilitates data feeding into the AI model, enhancing its precision and maturity. The AI model, in turn, assesses the reliability of device data, ensuring accurate and actionable insights for users.

Enhanced Security:

The Edge X AI Camera prioritizes robust security with advanced technology. Utilizing the blockchain-driven MXProtocol, it ensures encrypted transactions and data privacy, meeting safety standards.

What can the camera do?

Parking Space Detection:

Optimize traffic flow and city planning by detecting available parking spaces. See it on action:

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Fire Monitoring

Ensure the safety of local ecosystems by monitoring wildlife activity.

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Waste Management

Streamline waste management strategies by precisely identifying and categorizing various types of refuse.

People Counting

Utilize people counting capabilities to accurately track foot traffic, enabling informed decisions for retail operations and urban development initiatives.

Infrastructure Usage

Optimize city services and resource allocation by collecting data on infrastructure usage.

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Temperature Checks

Ensure public safety in crowded areas by conducting temperature checks.

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Maximizing Potential:
Training and Rewards

Miners and robust training mechanisms are the pillars of our ecosystem, ensuring data integrity and actionable insights. Through their contributions, miners drive the sustainability and scalability of our network, while comprehensive training methods enhance the AI model's precision and maturity. Together, they form the foundation for a sustainable and scalable future.

Benefits for Miners

Miners are integral to the Edge X AI Camera ecosystem, ensuring reliable data transmission. Their contributions enable a sustainable network, fostering innovation and growth. As the network expands, miners play a pivotal role in maintaining its integrity and scalability.

  Training The AI   

The Edge X AI Camera can be trained similarly to any other machine learning system. It utilizes datasets to learn and recognize patterns and objects, offering valuable insights for businesses and individuals alike, from detecting wildlife to monitoring waste.

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Experience the power of new-generation AI with the Edge X AI Camera. Learn more about its capabilities and explore the endless possibilities of AI-driven innovation.

Parking Space Detection
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