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MXC Supernodes provide geolocation-based LPWAN coverage to devices around the world. Discover what an MXC Supernode can do for you.

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$ 0.003412

Daily Transaction (Avg.)



450,000 MXC

Connected Devices


The M2M Token

MXC is an ERC20 token used to top-up MXC Supernodes to cover downlink fees associated with LPWAN device roaming

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Staking provides the MXC community members with the opportunity to share in MXC Supernode profits. A small percentage of all network fees transacted through a Supernode is split between the Supernode Operator, Supernode Stakers and the MXC Foundation.

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MXC Mining Hardware, Manufactured by MatchX

Anyone is able to set up an LPWAN Gateway and earn MXC by sharing their network.
MXC Miners are part of a world-first Multi-Token Mining experience, allowing them to Mine MXC and a wide variety of other tokens throughout their Mining journey. MXC and you, together we are changing the world.

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MXC Public Network Coverage

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MXC Recent Update

MXC believes in the power of fuller transparency. Read about the latest releases and updates. Follow our development process. Get an early notification on all the events MXC is participating. Dive into deep analysis of our latest partnerships. MXC is about you.

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MXC Supporters

Our supporters believe heavily in the MXC vision for the Future of IoT. Our progress towards an open-source IoT network is made possible through their generous support.