World’s First NFT Verification Unveiled by MXC
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World’s First NFT Verification Unveiled by MXC

Introducing N3XUS, the world’s first Web3, Decentralized and Blockchain Certified NFT display verifier, powered by the MXC mining network.

The N3XUS is a beacon display, adding value and physical usability to your NFT. More importantly it is a hardware device powered by the MXC global Miner network, adding value and a further revenue addition to the thriving data network movement.

The N3XUS comes equipped with a fully adjustable and personalizable frame, exchangeable branding for B2B partners. NFT Blockchain verification, fully integrated with the Ethereum, Kusama and DataHighway networks. It also boasts full interoperability across major NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and the MXC NFT marketplace. 

Interchangeable NFT display, and MatchX miner network verification add to the revenue stream for the mining network. 

This is a world-first release of the new Web3 Meta future that is the future of Meta-X-Connect - Connecting devices, connecting the world.

This groundbreaking technology will be launched in 2023, a pivotal year for MXC, with the pending release of the worlds largest decentralized, low power Blockchain powered data network. 

The MXC Foundation will continue to add various partners and products to its network, underlying the differentiation between MXC and other networks that have come before it. The future is Web3, the future is NFT, the future is MXC! 


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