South Korea Chooses Blockchain Technology to Achieve a Greener Life
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South Korea Chooses Blockchain Technology to Achieve a Greener Life

MXC technology making South Korea a greener, safer environment using blockchain.

MXC technology making South Korea a greener, safer environment using blockchain.

South Korea has the fifth largest metropolitan area in the world and is a developed country ranking as the seventh-highest country on the Human Development Index in Asia. MXC have built smart city solutions in South Korea - to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants. South Korea has adopted blockchain solutions to give greener and healthier outdoor spaces, being a member of G20 and the Paris Club striving to protect the planet from climate change is top of their agenda so it is no surprise South Korea chose MXC to help achieve this. This includes making the air they breathe safe and ensuring their favourite outdoor locations are not plagued by mosquitos. MXC have also combined solutions to take every possible step to emulate the risk of impending earthquakes.

MXC, MatchX and EnLink have worked together to help South Korea enjoy a greener and healthier environment. MXC have adopted their blockchain technologies to MatchX technologies and practically implemented them in-country by EnLink.

Improving public health

As you may know if you are from or have visited South Korea, the summers are hot which makes for lots of outdoor picnics and activities. This however, brings with it mosquitos. Together with EnLink, an enabled insect trap that collects valuable data about insects, and the surrounding environment have been installed in 13,000 parks to collect data that has the potential to provide unique insights about park pests in South Korea. MXProtocol enables these devices to list the data on the MXC Cortex (inter-chain data market). This data can be shared with those who want to go out and enjoy the warm weather to avoid areas with a higher mosquito area. The most effective of these insect trapping technologies rely on LPWAN networks in order to ensure that they are tended in the most efficient, cost effective manner and to share data making them more effective after every day of operation.

The air quality in South Korea has also been a challenge that MXC has tackled - it is a real danger to public health. Yellow dust from China’s Gobi Desert travels to Korea, carrying with it, variety of pollutants including heavy metals, and bacteria. EnLink manufactures an LPWAN enabled fine dust sensor and alarm system that provides real-time air quality warnings. This connects air quality sensors to the MXC Cortex. This allows developers to integrate live, localized data into apps designed to tell people when it’s better to stay inside.

Despite Korea being relatively protected from earthquakes, they don't have immunity from them. The earthquakes in both 2016 and 2017 demonstrated a requirement for technology to assess the risk and warn people when there is a high probability of an earthquake. EnLink manufactures an LED light with a built-in earthquake sensor, making it possible for people to crowdsource the data needed to build an earthquake detection system. The MXC Cortex integrates the data from each sensor on one platform to make a simplified data analysis and integration.

The future of utility-based blockchain solutions

South Korea is the home of global tech giants but up until the introduction of MXC had always been hesitant towards blockchain companies entering the market. MXC managed to enter a market that many had not been able to crack - by implementing and integrating solutions that serve to improve the quality of living of the people of South Korea. MatchX, MXC and EnLink thought outside of the box of most blockchain companies that only think of financial transactions - something South Korea has been hesitant towards. MXC, MatchX, and EnLink will help Korean citizens enjoy greener and safer nature, spend more quality time outdoors, and even protect lives and properties from natural disasters. This showcases and pioneers utility-based blockchain solutions that improve the lives of those involved in the process. As South Koreans experience the positivity of implemented blockchain, many hope to see continued development of the next generation of IoT solutions.

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