MXC Year of 2022
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MXC Year of 2022

10 Pillars of Growth

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As 2022 is coming to an end, the team at MXC has been continuing to build and innovate. Not only in public, but also behind the scenes. For MXC supporters 2023 is full of exciting possibilities and eminent releases, so, as we move forward, let’s first take a look back at what we have accomplished together in 2022.

Key Points
  • 90%+ growth on the number of unique wallets holding MXC
  • 50%+ growth on the number of team members at MXC
  • 51%+ growth in the number of unique accounts on DataDash
  • MXC rebranded to Meta X Connect
  • New Investor: DWF Labs
  • Permanent low-power BTC mining rollout
  • Introduction of DataFunks and Metaverse 1.0
  • New Listing: Coinbase,, KuCoin, Kraken, and Binance US


One of the key metrics of any project within the blockchain industry is the number of official wallet holders on Etherscan. While most of our users choose to hold their MXC on the DataDash mobile app, we have witnessed a whopping 90.28% growth of the number of unique wallet addresses on Etherscan. That means that nearly twice as many people as last year have decided to join the MXC movement, that’s some impressive growth, in anyone’s terms!

For the holders of the MXC token, we have been offering attractive, safe, sustainable custodial staking options powered by Cobo. We are thrilled to announce that the total amount of MXC tokens staked now accounts for more than 60.76% of the entire circulating supply. As more people are choosing to stake their MXC, our growth is becoming more achievable and sustainable than ever before.

Community Engagement

With the introduction of MXChats, MXC has been offering complete transparency to the wider community. Every 2 weeks, anyone can join the MXC Discord server and participate in the MXChats audio chat with direct access to internal members of the MXC team, along with key contributors of the MXC ecosystem. We believe this embodies our mission to continue offering active transparency to our community in return for increased engagement and constructive feedback.

However, online isn’t the only way to connect with the MXC team. Supporters were also able to learn from and connect with MXC offline, across various meetups around the world. We were present in key US cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and New York City. For those based in Europe, they were able to meet with MXC in Paris and Berlin. Supporters in Asia connected with us in Singapore, Seoul, and Tokyo.

Internal Growth

In the midst of downward scaling across the Web 3 space, MXC stood as a shining beacon by increasing the team size. Compared to the beginning of 2022, the number of team members at MXC has grown by 50.94%. As more talent joins the MXC vision, we believe that we will be able to offer more diverse, exciting products to our community.

Without community, there is no MXC. Focusing on community outreach, education, and engagement has attracted people from all around the world to join the MXC dream. This has resulted in a massive 96.28% growth in our community size across all social media platforms.

2022 also saw partners such as Gin 1689 and Digital Matter joining forces with MXC to offer secure, scalable IoT solutions to the public while leveraging the global network deployed by thousands of M2 Pro miners. Moreover, the previous partnership with CareBand is increasing in its scale and depth. We believe that 2023 will see an impressive growth in the list of partners that choose to use MXC as the foundation for their innovations.

Rebranding: Introducing Meta X Connect

In this ever-changing cryptosphere, one must remain agile to embrace new challenges and ventures. Sometimes, a new facelift is necessary to align accordingly as well. After months of working with top tier designers and developers, MXC has introduced a rebrand: Meta X Connect. Not only does the rebrand come with a modern transformation of the MXC logo, but also it came with a renovated website.

The rebranding of Meta X Connect portrays MXC’s vision to provide a foundational layer for Web3 IoT solutions in both real world and the Metaverse, and to serve as a bridge in-between.

New Investors

This year, MXC also welcomed a new investor — DWF Labs. With presence in Switzerland, Singapore, UAE and expanding, DWF Labs is one of the largest Web3 investors and market makers in the world. The right investors accelerate the MXC mission, and we are honoured to have received the vote of confidence from DWF Labs.

DataDash Ecosystem

The DataDash mobile app is the centrepiece of the MXC ecosystem. Through one secure, convenient app, DataDash users are able to access MXC, BTC, and DHX mining, staking, and manage their M2 Pro miners on the go. This offering has contributed to a 51.17% increase in the number of unique DataDash mobile app accounts. Welcome aboard!

As more people are choosing DataDash as their mobile app of choice in storing MXC, BTC and DHX, it has been our mission to make DataDash more secure and accessible. We have added new security features such as 2FA and updated biometrics ID. Moreover, we have introduced a dynamic withdrawal fee — meaning that the withdrawal fee moves in correlation with the Ethereum network fee.

Permanent BTC Mining Rollout

As the previous DKP testnets have been successful, MXC released permanent BTC mining for all qualified miners. By simply maintaining their M2 Pro at high standards and bonding MXC, miners have been receiving the benefits of low power Bitcoin mining. As the global energy prices begin to rise, we believe that the ability of M2 Pro users to mine BTC at virtually no operational cost will set them up for success in future markets.

Meta-XP & DataFunks F-NFT

2022 also witnessed the launch of much-anticipated Meta-XP. The launch brought innovative additions to the DataDash app such as the Meta-XP rings, which allow users to track their mining progress in real time as they automatically transition from mining solely MXC to multi-token mining with DHX.

Meta-XP also saw the introduction of DataFunks F-NFTs (functional NFTs). To celebrate the release, all DataDash users have been given an electro egg NFT that can be combined with unique actions to be incubated, and ultimately hatched into a DataFunk. DataFunks will allow holders to combine various items to unlock special perks and boosts in their staking and mining operations.

Metaverse v1.0

The rollout of Meta-XP also unveiled the first step towards MXC Metaverse v1.0 with the Meta Mining Map. The MXC Meta Mining Map partitions the world in hexagons, and allows miners to see their M2 Pro in each geographically corresponding hexagon. Not only do the hexagons allow miners to deploy the M2 Pro with proximity measures in mind, they also serve as the foundation for upcoming Metaverse updates.

Users can expect to be able to own or lease hexagons, make additional incomes, and contribute to the building of the MXC network in both the real world and on the Metaverse.

New Exchange Listings

MXC is already trading on some of the top exchanges in the world. However, 2022 saw MXC getting listed on 4 top tier exchanges and thus broadening its reach to the global audience. We are excited to announce that MXC has been listed on the following exchanges: Coinbase,, KuCoin, Binance US, and Kraken.

These free listings in a span of just a few weeks solidify MXC’s position as the top Web3 IoT token in the world, and also serve as proof that these highly reputable exchanges also believe in the vision of MXC.

Closing Remarks

2022 has been a year filled with amazing news, exponential growth, and unforeseen innovations. The team at MXC continues to uphold its mission to be the leading Web3 IoT token in the crypto space, and extend our gratitude to those members of our international community who have been a part of our movement so far. We look forward to an even more successful 2023, and welcoming more friends and fans to join MXC’s Data Republic.

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