MXC turns Metaverse
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MXC turns Metaverse

Meta-XP launch imminent, the disruptive “Data Future” built by the MXC Foundation

MXC Data Dash users are in for an explosive embryonic unveiling, shifting from the MXCMapper and
the current Data Dash layout, evolving into an MXC NFT Metaverse “pre-hatch” event due to launch in Q2, 2022.

The metaverse, there’s been a lot said about it over the past few months, but what the MXC Foundation intends to do is truly spectacular, it will be something that Crypto communities have never experienced before. MXC’s vision to grow the network; imagine, taking physical hardware such as LPWAN sensors and M2 Pro Miners, and increasing their global network reach via improved mining power within a virtual world, imagine covering wide areas of the globe, using the virtual metaverse as an expansion tool. This is an insight into the future of Data, NFT’s, Mining, and how your MXC will rule the parachain Data space in the Cross-Chain MXC Metaverse.

F-NFTs in MXCs metaverse:

NFT interaction in MXCs Metaverse *Artists impression of interactions of MXC DataDash users with NFT’s in the Metaverse

The MXC Foundation Metaverse will be a Multi-Token virtual world including Bitcoin, MXC, ETH, Polkadot and a variety of other tokens. MXC gives anyone the opportunity to become their very own decentralized entity. By participating in the real world hardware economy, MXC supporters can gain increased vitality within the Metaverse. Imagine a world where you can welcome “virtual tourists” within your own Metaspace, these virtual “tourists” then, ensure you, as a realtor, receive affiliate rewards for users who do everything from signing up to various exchanges, subscribing to various social influencers or increasing their Miner health, this and so, so much more.

The application of NFTs in the MXC virtual space reassures individual hardware security and regional ownership within the MXC Metaverse. The owners of those NFTs will represent the scarcity in the virtual world and it is this uniqueness that will allow individuals to own virtual digital property rights. These held NFTs will enhance the large-scale coordination across Meta environments and applications that safeguard users’ NFT and Miner power and overall success. The application of NFT’s or Functional Non-Fungible Tokens “F-NFT’s” will allow the MXC Metaverse to exist in an open, trust-free form and enables decentralized ownership.

The NFTs launched will be functional; they will play a central role in the MXC Metaverse, empowering individuals as a part of the MXC community by offering and using various rare NFT functionalities. The times of displaying NFT’s as a simple display or Twitter avatar are over, MXC is moving beyond this, towards a means to showcase your MXC metaverse based on participation, your NFT Brand and your Metaverse and block ownerships. These F-NFTs (Functional Non-Fungible Tokens) will also provide you with enhanced features towards increasing your virtual land ownership space, allowing you to control, motivate and incentivize visitors to your region, this is your opportunity to become a decentralized block, allowing you to charge admission, display advertising, promote offers to your community and grow your NFT notoriety, all whilst charging or incentivizing other users with various offers to either visit, interact or trade under your virtual space.

How will miners operate on the metaverse?

The MXC metaverse depicts the real world in the virtual space, showcasing the same architecture of the physical world in the metaverse, however, existing on top of the real world. The miners owned in the physical world will provide exclusive features in the virtual world. The owners of miners will represent the block ownership in the virtual space in a similar fashion by covering the specific areas where the miners are placed in the real world. The owned space will be according to the 40 km radius block in the metaverse, nonetheless taking into account the dominance in that region. The owned metaverse will signify your reputation in the virtual world and can be used to advertise NFTs and other IoT products, whilst running and controlling an entire real-world sector that exists in the Metaverse.

Living in the MXC Metaverse *Artists impression of exclusive offers within the Metaverse, allowing the virtual world to launch a new “MXC VR-Economy”

How does the miner community benefit?

The mining community plays a significant role in creating MXC’s metaverse. The MXCmapper that represents the location of ownership of your M2 Pro will be replaced, the new Metaverse will demonstrate miner coverage in the same spots in the new MXC metaverse. The owned metaverse can be enhanced by adding sensors around that region, and thus the region you cover in the metaverse will simply mark your territory. The more miners and sensors you have in your area, the stronger the created Data republic network and thus more popular you are in the metaverse.

Expansion of the global IoT network:

The daily expansion of the MXC Data Republic network created by our mining community will serve the real world, creating the future of smart cities and promoting IoT applications in the virtual space. The Metaverse shows how important it is to enable everyone to connect smart devices worldwide and create a better future together. With the launch of MXC Metaverse, we are expanding towards the metaverse aspect. The created Global IoT Data Network will be teleported to the MXCs metaverse, allowing one to see their miners, smart devices, NFTs, and many more things that will be implemented in the near future in the metaverse. The IoT Data Network is a fraction of the metaverse and what it has in store to promote real world activity via activity within the Metaverse.

Global LPWAN Industry:

The MXCs metaverse foundations operate on the MXProtocol, taking advantage of Web 3.0 and the node-created network on LPWAN technology. The nodes or miners allow the LPWAN network to act as an interoperable network, ensuring the smart device connectivity to be secure and easy. With the rollout of device provisioning 2.0, connecting sensors and other IoT devices will be as simple as scanning a QR code, allowing the scalability of the usage of the created LPWAN network. The connected device will be able to communicate with the server or supernode through gateways or miners to transmit end-to-end encrypted data packets. Furthermore, one can bring this framework into the MXC metaverse and will be able to use the owned block in the virtual space to charge any business to showcase their products or to display virtual marketing campaigns on buildings within the virtual space.

This is a big step into a new Metaverse frontier, the release of Meta-XP will demonstrate to the entire MXC community, our commitment to a virtual world, where real world data solutions can thrive, benefiting governments, businesses, communities and you. The future is coming, and beginning in Q2, 2022 we look forward to unveiling the new MXC Metaverse world.