MXC, Thriving in 2023
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MXC, Thriving in 2023

With the beginning of a new year, the team at MXC Foundation is excited to share the major milestones that all of our community members can expect to see in 2023.


With the beginning of a new year, the team at MXC Foundation is excited to share the major milestones that all of our community members can expect to see in 2023. While 2022 focused on the extension of a global, secure, and truly connected network, 2023 is set to witness the full utilisation of the MXC network. Moreover, 2023 will carry important milestones in MXC’s new venture into device connectivity, DeFi, DAO, NFT, Metaverse, and additional DApps.

Device Connectivity

MXC Controller

2023 will see the initial rollout of the much-anticipated MXC Controller. A simple to use, web-based IoT platform, MXC Controller allows the onboarding of 3rd party LPWAN gateways and devices, thus opening the MXC network to global businesses, data transactions, and the wider public. MXC Controller offers multi-purpose compatibility, allowing the building of customised IoT applications. It is the fundamental foundation that establishes MXC as the Web3 standard for all future Blockchain-based IoT applications.

New Hardware Devices

MXC believes in offering full-stack, end-to-end solutions to everyone. In 2023, the wider public can expect to see various new products from MXC and our partners. These devices will vary in range of utilities offered, serving different purposes from NFT authentication to an easier onboarding of the data republic to the MXC ecosystem.

The full details will be revealed at the upcoming MXC Unveil Event, scheduled for  2023.

Pre-register your interest, and secure your free items here.

MXC and DeFi

MXC Swap

As more diverse cryptocurrency assets onboard into the MXC ecosystem, it’s our mission to improve the accessibility and intra-acquisition of these assets. In 2023, the MXC community will enjoy the benefits of MXC Swap - an integrated, DEX-inspired OTC trading desk. MXC Swap will allow users to freely convert between MXC and xUSD. It will be open to all users.

MXC Easy Convert

Through collaboration with a payment partner, MXC plans to offer Easy Convert inside the AXS mobile app. This will enable users to freely swap between their cryptocurrency assets inside their AXS accounts and FIAT currency such as USD, EUR and more.

xUSD: A New Kind of Stablecoin

Stablecoins are often considered the backbone of DeFi due to its provision of stability and security within the volatile DeFi environment. However, most stablecoins face the challenges of collateralisation. MXC’s upcoming stablecoin, xUSD, solves this problem.

xUSD plans to reach and maintain its stability through multi-asset collateralisation, allowing users to stake not only cryptocurrency assets and NFTs, but also real world assets. This will contribute to increased stability, making xUSD a valuable asset within the MXC DeFi ecosystem.

Users will be able to mint xUSD by committing collateral, and use the xUSD for various purposes within the MXC environment.

MXC and Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

In-App DAO Voting

2022 saw MXC testing out a few features of popular DAO voting platforms such as Snapshot. In 2023, MXC plans to bring the power of DAO into the AXS mobile app. On top of the currently existing attractive APY, staking MXC would grant DAO voting rights. This would empower MXC holders to decide on the direction of MXC’s future, and provide valuable feedback

MXC and NFTs


DataFunks are a world-first series of F-NFTs (Functional NFTs) designed to allow users to hold a central NFT, and customise the functionalities attached to the NFT by equipping and unequipping item NFTs. In 2023, the MXC community can expect to celebrate the official launch of the DataFunks.

Those interested in acquiring a DataFunk NFT can follow DataFunks on Twitter to learn more about meeting the requirements necessary to hatch the electro-egg presented on the AXS mobile app into an incubator that can eventually evolve into a DataFunk.

NFT Tags

MXC is bringing NFTs to real life in 2023. The partnership with Gin 1689 proved that NFT-enabled NFC tags can be valuable in providing more details on the product and authenticating an item. Wider adoption and application of the NFT tags are coming this year, with vibrant and diverse partnerships on the way.

MXC and Metaverse

Meta Mining Map

With the launch of Meta XP, all AXS users have access to the Meta Mining Map, composed of hexagons that cover the entire globe. In 2022, M2 Pro miners located their miners on individual hexagons based on their geographical location. Serving as a foundation, the MXC Meta Mining Map will be launched in 2023. Not only will M2 Pro miners be able to customise their appearance within the hexagons, but they will also be able to obtain a unique lease of the hexagons. During the time a user owns the lease licence of a hexagon, the user will be eligible for various bonuses stemming from the hexagon.

Additional Services and DApps

Token Standard and Smart Contract Integration

2022 saw a rise in interest in various mechanisms that reward users based on their daily activities, such as walking or riding a bike. We believe that the integration of Web3 in user rewards can be truly adopted on a wider scale, if a token standard and smart contract integration are set. In 2023, MXC aims to launch a new, easy-to-implement tool that would allow literally anyone to build an “x-to-earn” DApp on top of the existing MXC framework and network. Whether a new project intends to reward users for walking, riding a bike, or anything else, it will be able to utilise the MXC miner network to expand its services rapidly, and build on the MXC framework for security and stability.

Participation and Prizes

2023 is the year when true participation can come with big prizes! Based on the previous success of various giveaway campaigns, MXC is introducing year-round prize giveaways for those that participate within the MXC ecosystem. Built directly into the AXS mobile app, the prize mechanism will reward users for staking, mining, and more. Stay tuned for more!

Improvements and Fixes

There are new upgrades coming to the AXS app. Ranging from staking optimisation to Supernode expansions, these upgrades will make AXS even more efficient and secure - making it the primary choice of MXC holders to store their tokens.

New Service Offerings

The AXS app will be the hub of new service offerings from MXC. In 2023, MXC will enter a discovery phase to evaluate various possible service offerings to be added to AXS. Currently on the docket are index-based trading products and DCA (dollar cost average) subscription products and yet so much more.


As seen above, there are many exciting developments planned for 2023. These developments will bring further value to the MXC community, and allow for a more direct participation. To keep an eye on the progress of the roadmap, we invite you to join the bi-weekly MXChats on Discord. Moreover, make sure to follow MXC on Twitter and join the Telegram group to not miss out on major announcements and updates.

Happy 2023, and together we’re connecting devices, connecting the world!

MXC Foundation

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