MXC & Semtech Partnership Resolves Global Miner Chip Shortage
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MXC & Semtech Partnership Resolves Global Miner Chip Shortage

Due to the ongoing pandemic, a global chip shortage has devastated much of the electronic industry, delaying, and in some cases completely ceasing production of high-end consumer electronics.

The MXC Foundation works together with Semtech to tackle the global chip shortage, ensuring M2 Pro Miners will receive enough chips, prioritizing MXC global mining movement.

The M2 Pro Miner, developed in joint partnership by MatchX and MXC Foundation, has received astronomical support since launch in Q3, 2020. Despite the global lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, a record-breaking amount of units were purchased by miners and investors with a keen eye for a new, innovative way to participate in the global blockchain network. The interest in the M2 Pro has even taken the MXC Foundation by surprise with initial sales growth data far exceeding 2021 projections. Much of this growth can be attributed to MXC’s operations within the North American market, which is fast becoming the largest “day on day” market for MXC and MatchX, forecasted to soon overtake the Chinese market.

The global wave of interest in the M2 Pro has resulted in a shortage of the highly successful M2 Pro Multi-Token Mining unit, with current waiting times up to 5 weeks. Although this is seen as a short-term disappointment for many supporters, the delay experienced by the prospective M2 Pro miner operators is significantly lighter than other IoT miners which are taking longer than 8 months to deliver. For MXC and their dedicated team, the wait is met with determination as they continue to be driven by customer satisfaction, based on their “customer obsession” policy.

With this significant corporate announcement, the MXC / Semtech co-operation, together with the M2 Pro producer “MatchX” have worked to solve logistical and manufacturing issues, ensuring that the M2 Pro will be the first to receive chips such as the SX1302 and many others that go into making the patented Multi-Token Miner, M2 Pro.

“Our goal is to spread the MXC movement. We can only do this by delivering on our promises, and that promise is; to put MXC supporters first! Achieving this solution with Semtech means MXC supporters will receive their M2 Pro Miners within a matter of weeks, it’s certainly a phenomenal result for MXC & MatchX, but more importantly, it’s great news for our supporters.

MXC is renowned for our strategic agreements with partners who help project our global domination, whether it’s with Semtech, Huobi, the Polkadot Network or Smart Cities across China and Korea, our goal is to take our mission to the people and this cooperation is yet another demonstration of this.” — Aaron Wagener, MXC Foundation Co-Founder.

With this announcement, the M2 Pro Miner is expected to ship in the first half of April 2021, fulfilling all back-orders and delighting new supporters joining the movement.