MXC Network set for big global release, first partners commit!
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MXC Network set for big global release, first partners commit!

2023 is shaping to be the biggest year for the MXC Foundation, since our inception in 2018.

With the global release of the MXC Data Network, the mining community and MXC supporters are readying for the fully-fledged onboarding of business partners to use, contribute and further finance the network. However, unlike other data networks, the MXC data network will be free for the public to use for uplinks / downlinks, it will however, be commercially monetized across a variety of day-to-day business industries, Web3 technology and NFT intelligence areas. In 2023 MXC’s Data Network will be fully functional in a boldest global blockchain roll-out ever!     

The MXC Foundation is excited to announce our initial list of business partners who are confirmed to be the very first to use this new-age miner powered MXC network in 2023.

  • Careband - experts in the  healthcare industry
  • Digital Matter - a leader in the asset tracking industry
  • Gin 1689 - a newcomer, making waves in the luxury goods industry
  • Moko Smart - powering the smart home industry
  • Sensoric - a cornerstone within the smart city and waste management industry
  • Enlink - focusing on the development of green cities
  • Sensative - in the smart city industry

What you will probably notice from this initial partner release is that they are both geographically vast and also extremely varied in their business interests and focus. We believe by initially onboarding these flagship partners we will further demonstrate the wide appeal the MXC network has, allowing for more business partners to use and diversify the network for their specific needs in the future. 

This impressive list is just an initial announcement, with more announcements on further confirmed partners coming soon, as the network launch comes ever closer we will continue to add more and more partners, readying industry, our mining community and MXC supporters for the future of decentralized IoT, powered by MXC.   

MXC Foundation

MXC Foundation