MXC Journey: ISO
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MXC Journey: ISO

Initial Sensor Offering (ISO) is the next key milestone that we at MXC Foundation are truly excited about.

Initial Sensor Offering (ISO) is the next key milestone that we at MXC Foundation are truly excited about, and we want to unveil everything we’ve been working so hard on over past 2 years! 

One of the biggest releases of 2023 will be ISOs, allowing 3rd parties to:

  • Use DataDash and our community as a launchpad, raising funding using MXC
  • List their token on DataDash, allowing it to be mineable
  • Release their sensors to be detected by our mining network, allowing miners to certify these sensors and mine them

This is a massive breakthrough for all MXC supporters, allows you to get involved in a variety of new IoT tokens, while also allowing for usage of MXC and our global data network!

MXC currently has a solid LPWAN coverage which we continue to grow. The MatchX M2 Pro, and the introduction of NEO, will help this certification of new sensors on the DataDash App. But more than this, these NEW tokens will allow for demand of our network. Where other IoT data networks failed, we are arranging a mass scale demand for your mining network, or “supply”! 

As many will know, this is basic Supply & Demand economics and we feel the Supply will be met with Demand via new sensor listings and being utilized on our network. 

We have learned so much over this 2 year journey. Multi token mining prepared our backend team for a multitude of new tokens, and we’ve had a lot of fun, fast and furious work onboarding Bitcoin, and DataHighway tokens. By doing this, we’ve improved the ability and skill of our backend to support tokens. Literally any tokens! Yes, this was the reason we added these!

Let’s not forget NFT’s! We’ve been working on DataFunks, functional NFTs. This work allows us to improve certification of ownership, but it also allows you as a miner to secure your Hexagon within our global network. This ownership will be important as we grow the network and will also allow for IoT NFT tokens to list on DataDash, because we now also have that experience!

Yes, this is what is behind DataFunks, and this is why we are continuing to broaden their reach as well as taking MXC into the metaverse, allowing hardware to operate in the virtual world!  

IoT hardware is boring for most, but we are determined to ensure that hardware can be listed on DataDash and be virtually used, certified and interacted with, bringing everything that we do at MXC full circle!

Last year, part of the MXC journey led us to take on a new name; Meta-X-Connect!

  • Meta: Adding hardware to the metaverse. We do this via our ISO listings!
  • X: Adding X2Earn tokens to our network, bringing their sensors and adding demand to our network!
  • Connect: Our miners connect to sensors and make them mineable! Making for a massive mining network that is bringing supply and adding demand!

Adding more usage of IoT, more usage of sensor hardware and more usage of Tokens is what has driven us for years, and continues to drive us! We are Meta-X-Connect and we are delivering, for you, for IoT and for the world!