Looking Forward: The MXC 2024 Roadmap
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Looking Forward: The MXC 2024 Roadmap

In 2023, the supporters of MXC witnessed the launch of the MXC zkEVM blockchain and the migration from DataDash to AXS. While the groundbreaking approach to all on-chain mining provides additional security and transparency, we are not blind to the concerns our community brought to us. This is why in 2024, we are bringing it all together. Here is an overview of what you can expect from MXC in 2024.

Migration of DHX and BTC

As we are approaching the end of MXC migration, now it is time to work on the migration of DHX and BTC from the miners’ balance. The DHX migration will be fully handled by DIGI DAO, according to the agreement it has made with DataHighway. The migration will be done on the MXC zkEVM blockchain, and those who have used the claim portal will experience zero fuss as the method will be nearly identical.

The BTC migration will be handled directly by the MXC Foundation. All mined BTC will be accounted for, as the balance was also included in the snapshot that took place before the migration happened. Rest assured that all your mined BTC are safe and will be returned to you through the migration process.

MXC Airdrop, Incentivized Testnet, and Mainnet

We aim to bring the MXC zkEVM blockchain to its full potential in 2024. For this to happen, we need the maximum number of users to interact with various smart contracts, make transactions, complete trades, and use available dApps. This is why we are preparing for the biggest-ever airdrop hosted by the MXC Foundation.

All users who have a wallet with a valid transaction history on the MXC zkEVM are eligible and have already been earning points towards the airdrop whether they knew about it or not. The airdrop follows a points system, with a certain number of points attached to specific tasks.

The tasks are already available on airdrop.mxc.com, and users may check their standing by copy-pasting their address or follow other wallets’ performances on the leaderboard.

Bringing Sensor Economy Live

We strongly believe that the plug-and-play nature of our mining protocol made MXC Foundation a recognizable name within the Web3 IoT space. We intend to bring this level of experience to the sensors, developers, and third-party partners.

Through a new kind of plug-and-play sensor, anyone will be able to launch their own Web3 IoT project, fully supported by a global network of miners. Those with ideas can simply use the plug-and-play sensor to accurately measure what they wish to include as part of their project and distribute mining tokens with nearly zero coding experience.

Moreover, anyone will be able to deploy their own sensor tokens via a revolutionized ISO approach, meaning that within less than 5 minutes, those with innovative ideas can deploy their own token, select mining algorithms, and start rewarding relevant sensors and miners in selected areas to mine those tokens.

This equates to the ICO boom that made Ethereum a household name, except that ICO was reserved for developers while our ISO is reserved for anyone with a vision and passion. We truly believe that this will make the MXC ecosystem more robust and truly complete.

MXC AXS Hardware Wallet

Experience security and convenience with the MXC AXS Hardware Wallet, designed to complement the pending MXC Proof of Location card. Safeguard your assets and location-based data with this innovative hardware solution.

Reduced Gas Fee

The largest concern we have received from our community was regarding the gas fee. As on-chain mining and management require on-chain transactions for every decision, paying gas fees in MXC can often be a burden.

This is why we are aiming to actively solve the gas fee issue to reduce it further. Moreover, with features on the horizon such as auto-claim for mined tokens, we are giving our miners the flexibility to choose between a “set it and forget it” approach or a more micro-managed, highly-optimized approach.

As a result, miners will witness a significantly improved user experience, ultimately making mining with MXC stress-free and more beneficial.


In 2024, the MXC community can expect the full integration of N3XUS with NEO, establishing a crucial link between the virtual realm of NFTs and the physical world. This accomplishment will bring more usage for the mining network provided by both NEO and M2 Pro, while further exploring the real-life NFT authentication solutions.


We want 2024 to be a year of growth, not only for MXC but also for the entire ecosystem built around MXC and our partners. The MXC Grant Program is designed to support and encourage emerging L3 startups and Web2 partners to join the Web3 world of decentralized IoT. The grant will also target new talents who are looking to bring fresh enthusiasm into the world of DePIN.


While growth is always exciting, it must be accompanied by security. That is why we are Implementing additional security measures in the MXC NFT Marketplace to protect users and traders and highlight legitimate collections.


As the first layer 3 on Arbitrum, we at MXC believe that we must pioneer the blossoming layer 3 solutions on Arbitrum. This is why the MXC Arbitrum L3 Partner Program will be rolled out to foster a dynamic partnership where applicants have the opportunity to contribute to the advancement and growth of the Arbitrum L3 ecosystem.


2024 is the year when the grand vision of MXC will come to life. In 2024, the MXC Foundation will always aim to deliver better, and more, and put you first. We thank you for being a part of this global movement.

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