Introducing Meta X Connect
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Introducing Meta X Connect

A bold new direction for MXC

Over the past months, MXC has been working intensively on a rebranding strategy which truly represents the MXC Foundation’s direction in the year 2022 and beyond. Today we are thrilled to reveal the future of MXC, Meta X Connect, a new MXC brand identity that best reflects our commitment to data, Web 3.0, and the metaverse.

MXC Foundation has always been a pioneer in creating a decentralized global data republic network, allowing anyone and everyone to connect devices and empower the vision of smart cities as an inevitable reality. It’s crucial that we ensure the brand and information resources for MXC are clear, accessible, and meaningful in conveying the vision.

Founded in 2018 as an IoT data network startup, the MXC Foundation and its Machine Exchange Coin (MXC) will now be known as Meta X Connect. We believe this is a necessary step to represent our Web 3.0 decentralized web infrastructure approach, leveraging immersive technological experiences such as the metaverse and F-NFTs, while providing a safe layer of global inter-and intra-chain data transmission. This exciting new direction comes days before MXC’s permanent low-power bitcoin mining rollout is set to launch on June 21, 2022.

When we began the journey of the MXC Foundation, we started with an idea to introduce a unique Protocol ERC-20 utility token, $MXC, based on the Proof of Participation consensus mechanism to democratize the machine-to-machine payments and device transactions via the MXC Supernode. Exploiting the LoRaWAN technology and constructing a unique Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol) delegated the future of a low-power-wide-area network (LPWAN), allowing for increased data transactions. The initial vision focused on creating an interconnected inter-chain data market. The market for network coverage allows any smart device to connect to the network and transmit valuable encrypted data with an independent quality of service (QoS) framework. This allowed everyone to participate in the construction of a decentralized, robust, and secure data republic network, implying the created network is exclusively owned by users.

How did it all start?

The MXC Foundation started with the vision of empowering IoT networks with the solution of current method offerings, which come with low-range and high-power consumption, making it less attractive and cost-effective for users. For instance, standard WiFi can only reach a maximum range of 100 meters, and utilizing 3G or 4G consumes a significant amount of power, thus reducing the effective life of the battery and significantly increasing the maintenance cost. In a nutshell, these parameters cause the deployment of data networks to be extremely expensive and offer minimal usability.

MXC Foundation took this challenge and aimed to solve and provide a better, robust, and scalable solution. It exploits the LPWAN technology on its consensus protocol to solve the current issues of low-range and high-cost data transmissions. The designed protocol allows the data to be shared massively while ensuring complete end-to-end encryption and privacy. Furthermore, it introduces a decentralized approach, where individuals or enterprises can participate in deploying a global data republic network. In return for their participation, they are given a mining health score determined by its native token, $MXC. The higher and more reliable the participation, the higher the health score and the higher the mining effectiveness and efficiency.

Why rebrand?

Changing the entity identity is a critical decision that always comes after careful consideration, intense research, brainstorming, and planning hours. MXC Foundation has come a long way since we chose the name Machine eXchange Coin, and so much has changed; as blockchain technology has been evolving rapidly, and so have we. At MXC Foundation, we have always envisioned ourselves adapting to new technologies quickly and taking the movement to the mainstream. MXC Foundation, with our new revamped website, will now be known as Meta X Connect, which has evolved from its initial idea to democratize M2M payments into a legal entity modifying and building its Meta X Protocol with Web 3.0 infrastructure and a mix of blended reality metaverse to simplify and increase data transmission.

The strategic branding of Meta X Connect aims to highlight the new and developing features the MXC Foundation team has been focusing on since the last quarter of 2021. Whether it’s the real world or the MXC metaverse, users will claim a hexagon as owned land space to showcase advertisements, affiliate links, or promotions to signify their reputation. The MXC metaspace is designed over Web 3.0 applications is a vision to grow the network, taking advantage of LPWAN sensors and physical hardware M2 Pro Miners to increase their global reach via the virtual world as an expansion tool.

New to the Meta X Connect brand will be MXC F-NFTs or functional non-fungible tokens. The application of such F-NFTs will provide use cases both in the real world and MXC metaverse. The functionalities in the real world can be at various levels, ranging from mining boosts to increased data transmissions. In the virtual world, these F-NFTs will not only act as individual avatars but also reassure individual scarcity and uniqueness, allowing one to own virtual digital property rights. Furthermore, these F-NFTs will allow the MXC metaverse to exist in an open, trust-free form and enable decentralized ownership.

Meta X Connect highlights the principles of Meta-XP, which have been worked on intensively over the last two quarters. The Meta-XP empowers users to auto transition to a multi-dimensional multi-chain mining experience, allowing them to mine for centuries. Meta XP encourages users to maintain and build a robust, decentralized, and scalable network. Meta XP acts as a bridge to overcome the gap between LPWAN networks and interconnects the other networks, ensuring a smooth flow of data packets between different blockchains.

The new Meta X Connect, with its rebranding layout, showcases the protocol principle that delegates how the mining community determines their mining performance based upon their participation in deploying the data republic network globally. The current participative factors upon which users’ mining efficiency depends are fuel, uptime, and miner proximity. The fuel and uptime are controlled at individual levels, whereas hexagons represent miner proximity. The hexagon density is derived from the MXC Mapper, represented by the different colors distributed worldwide.

“We feel that Web 3.0 IoT infrastructure with NFT, play-to-earn sensors, and Proof of Locations will be the next big thing, and with the rebranding, we very much like to show the future direction of MXC. “

— Sheen, CEO of Meta X Connect

The ideation process

We wanted to create a brand that represented not only the past and current achievements but also the future direction of the MXC Foundation. The MXC Foundation’s future approach is exploiting Web 3.0 infrastructure and using immersive technologies to expand the data republic network coverage. Additionally, we plan to introduce features and functionalities of NFTs and new development, which has been intensively worked on in the background. This vision needed to be represented with the new branding guidelines. However, the letter “MXC” is still required to remain at the core of the rebranding, as the whole community was familiar with these three letters, and it has been a unique signature of our project.

Moreover, this three-letter is also the ticker symbol of our token. $MXC has been listed on many tier 1 exchanges, so we wanted to stick to these three same letters. Furthermore, we wanted to create a brand with the same domain as “,” so as not to confuse the community and represent the detailed roadmap of how MXC has evolved over time.

What does Meta X Connect (MXC) represent?

At MXC, we are creating a fair, robust, decentralized low-power-wide-area network technology that makes the IoT and blockchain space simple, convenient, and usable for any user. We are exploiting the usage of Web 3.0 and immersive technologies to create an experience that has never been done before. We are innovating the mining experience to new heights, making it simple, low-power, and introducing multi-chain century mining. With the aid of device provisioning, we have made registering a device on the network as simple as scanning a QR code. With NFT-NFC technology, we have created an infrastructure where any product can be showcased on the blockchain, verifying its authenticity.

We believe that the current brand is very tightly linked to one aspect of the diversified applications of our created technology, and it can’t represent everything that MXC Foundation is doing today. Now, with the rebranding to Meta X Connect, we will be able to showcase every front. As a result, we can more clearly represent what we anchor our identity as building forward.

We chose “Meta X Connect” as it significantly defines the vision and mission of how we are trying to build a bridge between the physical world and the MXC metaverse. MXC’s metaverse is the evolution of web technology building on the decentralized next generation of the Web 3.0 internet, enabling users to enjoy immersive digital experiences within this brave new virtual world. The word “Meta” in the name refers to two different aspects. The first aspect emphasizes immersive experiences beyond the physical world where everything is possible to build, connect, and share. The other aspect is the future, designed and delegated by the community, which hints at MXC moving to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, where the future direction is defined by and for the people.

The word “Connect” refers to creating a bridge, bringing real-world assets and events to the MXC metaverse. Every physical hardware or data sensor deployed or connected to the data republic network in the physical world can empower its reach both in the physical and the metaverse. The more the hardware that is connected, the more metaverse participation grows.

What does the color theme behind Meta X Connect represent?

We believe that choosing the right colors is one of the most critical components of a brand, and understanding its importance and influence on brand deployment is the key to making a robust and consistent identity. We’re connected with colors and that may boost our personal attachment to a brand Therefore, we primarily chose three colors to represent our new brand, cobalt blue (HEX #0049ff), magenta purple (HEX #6300ff), and heliotrope pink (HEX #f43178). These colors are combined to form a gradient palette at an angle of 30°, embedded in a Hexagonal shape with a white pixelated symbol “M” in the center.

The choice of pixelating “M” represents a discernible logo, ensuring a clear focus in an otherwise chaotic world, embracing our key themes surrounding decentralization, connectivity, and gamification. The hexagon represents the potential for life, our future endeavors into the decentralization of the global data network, by the people, for the people. The color cobalt blue represents elements of dependability, security, and stability, demonstrating reliability and trust within the world of data transmission. The color magenta-purple showcases the essence of the corporation, a key factor amongst our mining community and supporters, who power the MXC movement. Finally, the shades of heliotrope pink are used to delve into our approach within the metaverse, a color representing an escape from our everyday reality.

What’s new under Meta X Connect?

The newly revamped “Meta X Connect” provides a deep and clear understanding of the following:

  • A new template of tokenomics, explaining the distribution and supply of $MXC
  • An updated white paper consisting of the new changes to Meta X Protocol
  • A clear outline of Meta X Connect’s mission and vision in IoT data and blockchain technology
  • Showcasing the decentralized Web 3.0 date economy
  • Supernode IoT network and how to join the revolution
  • Meta X Connect metaverse vision and how its bridges IoT with the virtual environment
  • Showcase all the features of the MXC DataDash app, including manage, mine, and stake.
  • Updated new partners and use cases of MXProtocol
  • Showcase of new development in NFT NFC technology and how it’s going to empower Web 3.0 applications
  • Various sections as a knowledge basis for users to educate about the movement

You can check out our new website here, and to learn more about our new branding guidelines, you can check here.

This is only the peak of the iceberg and the beginning of a new chapter at MXC. Let’s explore this together! Welcome to the Meta X Connect movement.