Intro: ISO
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Intro: ISO

ISO, is an innovative solution developed by MXC Foundation, bringing increased utility to both the MXC Data Network and the MXC Token.

In this article, we are taking an introductory look into Initial Sensor Offerings, and how ISO is aimed to benefit the entire ecosystem and various stakeholders involved.

Introduction to ISO

ISO is an incubation-to-launch method developed by MXC. ISO can draw its parallel with Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in the sense that it allows specific token holders to be able to participate in supporting early-stage projects in exchange for token allocations. Unlike IDOs that are open to all types of projects, ISO focuses on incubation-stage projects that focus on what the MXC Foundation believes to be the next big thing: Web3-native IoT solutions.

Project Types for ISO

ISO is designed to encourage the development of entrepreneurs and early-stage companies within the Web3 IoT space. The basic requirement is that the ISO project must be building an IoT solution on LPWAN or other compatible network types. Moreover, the project is required to have its own native token. Most importantly, the project must be aiming to bring innovation into the MXC ecosystem and the overall IoT space by using blockchain technology. 

How ISO benefits the MXC Network

As various projects launch via ISO, these projects build on the MXC data network to offer various institutional or direct-to-consumer products to current and future partners. These additional products within the MXC data network bring a significant increase in the range of value that the MXC data network can deliver. Through each ISO, the MXC data network’s offering becomes more diverse, including possible future solutions such as pet tracking, smart supply chain management, or drive-to-earn. The possibilities are endless, and so is the horizon of the MXC data network.

Benefits for Miners

Every time a project launches via ISO, the project requires two functionalities from the MXC network: connectivity and certification. Naturally, the connectivity and certification layers are expected to be provided by both the M2 Pro and Neo miners. In return, miners receive various bonuses for providing connectivity to the ISO projects. Additional bonuses can be unlocked for certifying the sourced data required by the ISO projects. Ultimately, miners can expect to selectively provide their connections and certification services to ISO projects of their choice based on personal beliefs and goals. 

Benefits for Token Holders

When a project decides to have its ISO hosted, it may choose to provide additional incentives for MXC token holders for various purposes, such as forging its initial community or bootstrapping initial liquidity. MXC token holders may participate in such bonus programs, and enjoy increased utility and benefits for being a token holder. 

Moreover, once the project has successfully completed its ISO, the project token will be listed on a DEX that is currently in development by MXC. On this DEX, the MXC token is aimed to be the central liquidity pair token, allowing for even more utility for the MXC token holders to have access to various tokens that get listed on the DEX. 


ISO is a particularly exciting roadmap item for the team at MXC Foundation, as it is a strong fundamental step towards creating an MXC-based ecosystem that is accessible to anyone in the world, and as it is MXC’s opportunity to give back to future entrepreneurs and builders who may be current community members. We believe that ISO is an opportunity of particular interest for all stakeholders - miners and token holders alike - and we invite everyone to stay tuned for the next updates on ISO. 

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