How to: Use xMXC for On-Chain Mining
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How to: Use xMXC for On-Chain Mining

As MXC Foundation moves to a fully-fledged DAO, the all-new on-chain mining has been introduced. By now, every miner within the MXC ecosystem should be familiar with the concept and excited for what the near future will bring. In this article, we are providing you with a detailed guide on how to use your xMXC for on-chain mining.

Why You Need xMXC

xMXC serves as the primary fuel tank of your miner. When you top up your miner with xMXC, you will start mining sensor tokens ($SENSOR), which serve as your secondary fuel tank. Your xMXC fuel tank size does not change and will remain static. Your SENSOR fuel tank size does change and will grow as you mine and claim more. You can top up both your xMXC and SENSOR fuel tank to 1000%. When your xMXC and SENSOR fuel tanks are more than 100%, miners receive an additional boost in all mining. Since your xMXC fuel tank is static, we advise you to top up your xMXC fuel tank to 1000% early to set your miner up for advantageous mining for decades to come.

Claiming xMXC

The first step is claiming your xMXC. If you already have MXC on DataDash, congratulations. Your MXC on DataDash has automatically transitioned to xMXC and will be available for you to claim at Make sure to connect with the wallet address you have provided on the migration form. 

If you do not have any MXC on DataDash, you can obtain xMXC on MXC Swap at Purchase MXC on other exchanges, bridge it from Ethereum to MXC zkEVM via and swap the bridged MXC with xMXC. 

Onboarding Your Miner On-Chain

The next step is to bring your physical miner on-chain. To do that, you must use the AXS mining portal. Open your AXS app and select the Mining Dashboard'. Connect your Wallet if you have not done so already. Now, click the + icon. Simply scan the QR code or input the serial number manually, and you will be directed to mint the hardware-bound NFT. The NFT is the on-chain equivalent of your physical miner, and it interacts with your M2 Pro or NEO to ensure that your miner’s physical status such as uptime and heartbeat are uploaded to the blockchain network.

Topping Up Your Miner with xMXC

Now that you have your xMXC and your miner on-chain, it is time to top up your miner’s fuel tank with xMXC and start mining SENSOR. Your miner NFT is equipped with a subwallet that belongs to the NFT, and that is fully controlled by the holder of the NFT (in this case, you). 

Click on your miner NFT to check the details. You will see an ERC6551 wallet address under each corresponding minable token. For example, if you have chosen to mine 3 tokens, you will see 3 wallet addresses that begin with 0x. 

Copy the corresponding ERC6551 address of the token you wish to mine, and send your xMXC to that address. Upon sending the tokens, you will be able to track the transaction progress on our Explorer at

Once the transaction is confirmed, that is it! You have successfully topped up your miner with xMXC. Start mining SENSOR, or get more xMXC to top up the wallets the correspond to other minable tokens to start enjoying mulit-token mining!

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