How To: Claim Your DataDash Tokens
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How To: Claim Your DataDash Tokens

This claim is intended for those who have already provided their MetaMask wallet address.

STEP 1 Open up a web browser on your computer

Ensure that MetaMask is added to your Google Chrome Extensions: 

Then visit:

STEP 2 Connect wallet

As most users have connected to their MetaMask Wallet, please select MetaMask from the available options. Of course, if you’ve connected your AXS Wallet, please select AXS. 

If you have not connected to the MXC network on MetaMask yet:

Open up MetaMask and select “network”, if this does not display MXC, simply go back to the MXC Bridge web page and click on the Ethereum Wallet / MetaMask at the top. 

This will open a pop-up allowing you to “switch network”, by clicking on Ethereum Mainnet, then select zkEVM Mainnet.

Your MetaMask will then open up and you will be asked to “confirm in wallet”, scroll down and click on “approve”. 

You will then see a new pop-up. Click on “switch network” to switch to zkEVM Mainnet. 

Congratulations, you have successfully added the zkEVM Network to your MetaMask!

STEP 3 Switch to DataDash

Click from “Bridge” to “DataDash” 

STEP 4 Claim your tokens

Gas Fees

Please ensure that you have some MXC (zkEVM) in your wallet to pay for the transaction fee (you do not need a lot of zkEVM MXC to use as gas fee; less than $3 should suffice). 

If You Do Not Have zkEVM MXC Yet:

  • Option 1: Purchase zkEVM directly from an exchange, eg, ( or OKX (
  • Option 2: Ensure that your Metamask wallet holds both ETH and MXC (ERC20) tokens. Visit Follow the on-screen instructions to bridge your MXC from Ethereum to zkEVM. 

Now the time has come to claim your existing tokens in DataDash! (Please note, that some 3rd party tokens may not be available at this time, but will be in the future). 

Please note that migration for BTC and DHX will be completed after the MXC migration has been concluded. However, all bonded MXC tokens towards BTC and DHX have already been migrated and available for you to claim.

Then enter “Claim xMXC” to claim your tokens. Your MXC will be converted to xMXC which is the zkEVM-compatible version of MXC on the new zkEVM wallet. 

To see your new zkEVM-compatible xMXC tokens, simply complete the following steps: 

1. Open MetaMask

2. Scroll down

3. Click ”Import Token”

4. Click “Add custom token”

5. Copy and paste into the address field: 0xD9465eF5f7DF27Ac960D90d1d796c66C9234a264

6. The other sections should now fill automatically

7. Success, you’ve added xMXC! 

Congratulations, you've successfully claimed your tokens from DataDash! 

After the claim date, if your submission was successful then you can directly enter the claim portal. If you do not see your balance there or you believe the balance is incorrect, please contact us for further support at

Happy mining, trading, and swapping on the MXC zkEVM network! 

MXC Foundation

MXC Foundation