2021 Year in Review
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2021 Year in Review

2021 has been a banner year for MatchX and the MXC Foundation. Both companies have made huge strides to build a crowd-sourced IoT network that will allow everyone to take part in Smart City initiatives.

2021 has been a banner year for MatchX and the MXC Foundation. Both companies have made huge strides to build a crowd-sourced IoT network that will allow everyone to take part in Smart City initiatives. Whether it’s helping to build the network with an M2 Pro miner, provisioning a new type of sensor to collect data in a way that ensures privacy, or using data to keep the elderly safe, MatchX and the MXC Foundation remain at the forefront of real-world IoT and blockchain technology applications.

The M2 Miner Goes Pro

This LPWAN network is being built by the revolutionary M2 Pro Miner, which was released in November of 2020, and is currently active in over seventy countries across the globe. This world first low-power, multi-token miner was recently provisioned to participate in Bitcoin mining, making it the must-have crypto miner for 2022. With less than 5 kWh consumption and set up in under five minutes, this “plug and play” miner is the smart solution, built for everyone.

International & Unstoppable

We’ve also opened warehouses across the globe. M2 Pro Miners now ship directly from Texas, Poland, Manchester, and Shenzhen. The ink just dried for our latest supernode: Nosotros estamos emocionados!


This year we witnessed MXC’s Low Power Wide Area Network coverage go global. MatchX oversaw a radically successful campaign to achieve 96% coverage for LPWAN in the Netherlands in just under eight months, thanks to M2 Pro owners. Bedankt, Nederland! We houden van jullie.

Make Way for the King

This year we launched three successful testnets for Bitcoin mining: Das Kaiser Project I, II and III. The first two testnets had limited participation, and this past month we debuted Bitcoin mining and opened up the testnet to everyone with a miner. This is just the beginning — we have big plans for this multi-token miner, watch this space in the coming months!

London Proto-Calling

Not only did we open up a new warehouse in the UK…

This year we introduced a novel, state of the art concept for crypto mining: Miner Health. This protocol uses Proof of Participation, allowing miners to have full control over their mining performance by encouraging miners to be more active. In the PoP model, miners are motivated to keep the network alive in proportion to how active those miners are on the network. So, the more a miner participates on the network, the more the network status increases. This control means PoP ensures a fair and decentralized network for all.

Simply Divine Provisioning

Our Device Provisioning system works by ensuring secure setup for hardware connecting to our IoT network. This process stores the encryption keys required for LoRaWAN communication on the device and on the server.

This means that products interested in utilizing our LPWAN network can easily join. “MXC’s model not only incentivizes members to own and operate a piece of its network, but their participation helps reinforce the position of LoRaWAN as the ideal standard of choice for low power wide area network applications,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of IoT Product Marketing for Semtech’s Wireless and Sensing Products Group. Launching and sustaining IoT projects has never been easier!

Living on the Edge: AI Cameras

This year the MXC Foundation introduced the Edge AI Camera. This tiny camera can capture multiple datasets and transmit them through the LPWAN network, created and sustained by M2 Pros across the globe. The mining community facilitates the network.

Because the AI camera uses LPWAN, the sensors use a small amount of energy. If the nearest LPWAN transmitter has an outage, the connection instantly jumps to the nearest LPWAN gateway. The sensor is also equipped with a solar panel, so it can work for up to 24 hours without being connected to another power source.

These cameras can be trained to gather multiple types of datasets: How many parking spaces are open? Are there any raccoons in the alley? How many people pass by a storefront? Because data is never stored on the device, and only anonymized metadata is ever sent to the cloud, the AI camera honors privacy.

“Privacy is a major concern for citizens and therefore smart city projects around the globe,” says MatchX Co-Founder and CEO Sheen Xin Hu. “By ensuring that no data is stored on the device and only the results of the AI analysis are transmitted to the cloud, we provide companies with a headstart on privacy, especially when building GDPR-compliant solutions.”

Partnerships Paving the Way to Help the Elderly

The expansive partnerships established and maintained by the MXC Foundation this year demonstrate our values as a collaborator in the IoT sector. This year we established a relationship with Careband, a revolutionary technology that helps families care for Alzheimer’s patients and those with dementia. We also worked with the city of Shanghai to run the test Data Discovery 6, which sustainably tracked pets (test A) and the elderly (test B), focusing on individuals with advanced stages of dementia.

Functional NFTs and the Future

This year we didn’t just jump on the NFTrain, we laid the foundation for an entirely new way to own, interact with, and celebrate NFTs. Our Functional-NFT (F-NFT) will allow users to display their NFT’s on the DataDash App, with physical applications connected to blockchain transactions. Stay tuned!

It’s About You

Personally, we here at the MXC Foundation have been thrilled to see community activity explode this year. We now have ten different language channels for supporters to meet and collaborate on Discord. We’ve also cracked 20k on Twitter!

“2021 is a great milestone for us. We achieved a lot of things together, such as M2 pro expansion and device provisioning,” says our CEO, Sheen. “This will set our tone for 2022 and bring a lot of new opportunities to us. I firmly believe that with the great team we have here and globally, we will become a household name next year!”

Thank you for joining us for 2021, whether it was for a month or the whole year! We can’t wait to share our plans for 2022. Our Functional-NFT’s will be like nothing you’ve seen before, and we’re launching into the Meta-Verse. We’ll introduce low-cost mining to a larger community, and we’ve got some killer business-focused data solutions that will keep MXC at the forefront of blockchain technology for years to come! See you in 2022!