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Time to Get Your MXC

How to buy MXC

MXC tokens are traded on many of the global digital currency exchanges. We are constantly adding more exchanges to the fold as the MXC Global reach increases. Currently you can purchase MXC on the following exchanges:

MXC on Bibox
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Experts believe in MXC

Within two weeks MXC hit the hardcap. Days after the token was released, Huobi Global listed it on their top ten exchange at no cost. The following month Bibox followed suit. The rest of our story is equally as impressive.

This is only the beginning.

Where to hold your MXC

MXC will soon be offering the MXC wallet to ensure your MXC has an extra level of security over storing your token in an exchange. Nevertheless, you are solely responsible for all of your MXC token storage.

Wallets and Seeds

There are a number of ways you can protect your MXC token purchases. Hardware wallets are an excellent way of decreasing the chances of 3rd party infringements, however each way is an individual choice. All wallets have a unique access key known as a “seed”, this seed is made up of a variety of numbers and letters. It is always up to you to securely store your funds, passwords and access to any of your wallets. We recommend for you to not store your passwords on your computer.

Please Note

  1. You, and only you are responsible for your token purchases
  2. Once you have purchased MXC you are responsible for your password, it must be kept secure in order to avoid 3rd parties compromising your purchased MXC
  3. Under no circumstances can MXC recover any lost, misplaced, incorrectly sent or received MXC
  4. Do not become the victim of Hackers of Phishing sites. Always ensure you check the domain name you have typed into your browser, never click on unknown links you have received via email or chat, do not download files unless you are aware of the sender and you are aware of the contents of the file
  5. Who ever possesses MXC, owns MXC. Sending MXC to another person’s wallet or account is not recoupable, once MXC leaves your possession you have lost the ownership and any chance of recouping your MXC
  6. Blockchain technology and “Tokenisation” is still within its infancy, this also opens up this technology to a number of risks, be aware and be alert. If you have any concerns contact MXC directly at: hello@mxc.org or on Telegram: https://t.me/mxcfoundation

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