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MXC in Action


Data Saves Lives

The challenge

No matter where you live on this amazing planet of ours, environmental factors are affecting all of us now, more than ever! From Air quality to water contamination, flood risks, soil degradation and cyclones it’s imperative that we learn more about our environment to ensure we improve community health and longevity. The data in our communities is not being harnessed to increase livability. 

The Solution

MXC tech supports and assists cities to become “smarter cities”, leading to smarter living standards for citizens, ensuring future prosperity for all of mankind. Using device data sensors, MXC IoT solutions and the MXProtocol, we’re delivering efficient, low-power device data over longer distances, more accurately and more cost effective than ever before!

The integration

Imagine you live in a certain part of a city, sensors would be used to detect significant changes in environmental conditions. Let’s say, every year around the start of Winter the air quality decreases significantly in your area of the city. Using this sensor data Hospitals would engage in predictive diagnosis, ensuring they have enough medicine, or in this case, asthma supplies onboard to ensure that people who need medical attention in a specific region are cared for appropriately and in a timely manner. This is just one of the many ways MXC technology is helping cities, helping the environment, helping people!

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LPWAN Technology

The challenge

LPWAN technology is a unique advancement in sending device data over extremely long distances at an extremely cost effective rate. Add to this the decentralised nature of LPWAN and it's clear to see why LPWAN data transmissions are a perfect fit for Blockchain technology. The challenge with all of this LPWAN data however is the mass of potential data collisions. Literally billions of device data transmissions happening around the hour, every day of every year, this can be challenging

The Solution

At MXC we're all about solutions. We understand the challenges within both the device data world and the world of Hardware. Introducing the MXProtocol and Smart Bidding. Using this latest in technology MXC allows for unique data allocations to occur, ensuring that data is sent and received at the right time based on a wide variety of algorithmic conclusions, incuding; data speed, size, distance, price, necessity, etc., this reduces data collisions and improves data efficiency  

The integration

MXC has exclusive access to a global Hardware network spanning over 40 countries globally. As a result, MXC can perform a variety of simple patch updates to ensure these LPWAN Gateways are "MXC Ready" within a matter of minutes. We're determined to leave our global footprint, and we're determined to be a global force from day 1 

The future of IoT


M2M Communication

The challenge

Being stuck in traffic can be frustrating and, in many cities it’s a problem that’s only getting worse. The overcrowding and rapid expansion of cities worldwide is becoming a problem that many councils are continually struggling to solve.

The solution

Using MXC tech services, traffic data is constantly monitored on-the-spot ensuring traffic data is sent through the MXProtocol, sorted and categorised, allowing for smarter town planning and traffic allocation to reduce bottle-necks throughout the city. ensuring smarter cities of tomorrow!

The integration

We’re instigating contactless payment solutions ensuring you never have to search for coins or cards. Cars as well as other tangible assets would simply pay for things such as petrol by communicating with the petrol bowser. Paying for parking? Using MXC you could easily drive in and out of the car park, sensors in your car would communicate and pay MXC directly to the car park house. This is seamless interaction, automating lives and simplifying tasks. This is the power of MXC!


Economic Whitepaper

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Technical Whitepaper

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