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MXC Smart City Standard

Why Smart Cities need the MXC Smart City Standard

Data Collision

Picture yourself on a date in a club full of really loud people and you’re trying to talk with someone next to you. Unfortunately, they just can’t hear you because everything else is too loud. Many networking systems suffer from similar issues. Only so many transmissions can be sent at one time, in one area until there is so much “noise” that the transmission collides with another and can’t get through. This is referred to as “data collision”.


What happens when data collides?

Some Smart City technologies are used to manage emergency services. For example, a wireless device designed to contact the fire department when a fire is detected. If this device isn't able to send a timely signal, the fire could spread.

Hence why we view not all data as being "equal", some data has a higher resource allocation need and this is why MXC is ensuring the right data gets delivered in a timely manner.

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How does the MXC Smart City Standard fix this?

We start with LPWAN

LPWAN is a long distance wireless network similar to 4G. The difference? This network is designed specifically for transmitting sensor data and anybody can set up their own network. Moving smart city devices to a dedicated network reduces the potential of data collision.

MXC Solves the Problem of Data Collision

MXC provides software designed to keep data collisions from happening. It does this by leveraging M2M communication to allow devices to coordinate their transmission before they send them.

Easily prioritize "high importance" transmissions

When too many transmissions are being attempted, some may need to wait. Face it, a smart trash bin isn't as important as a sensor designed to detect fires in public spaces. MXC makes it possible to prioritize transmissions.

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