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Interchain Data Market

Data is modern gold. When someone produces data, that data should belong to them. With the MXProtocol (Machine eXchange Protocol) Interchain Data Market, the generation, and flow of data can be tracked and verified publicly on permissionless blockchains, providing a variety of methods to hold or sell data.




Data ownership and trade

By adding the Inter-Chain Data Market to the sharing economy generated by an LPWAN shared network, the MXC Foundation enables a shared data economy where individuals and companies can own and sell the data they collect.


Genuine Data

When evaluating the authenticity of data sourced with an MXProtocol enabled sensor, the purchaser of this data can be confident that the data itself is genuine and untampered. This data can then be held as an asset or sold. Data owners may also provide API’s which enable companies to purchase a live data-stream feeding directly into an application or website.

Initial Coin Offering