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We moved, Hannover loves us and...

Posted by Jeff Stahlnecker
Jeff Stahlnecker
on Apr 1, 2019 5:34:04 PM



you are absolutely going to love what we are announcing tomorrow. Until then, our CEO Sheen was in Poland last week spreading the word about MXC. It was an excellent trip, and Sheen said that there were a number of very promising conversations about open source LTE and NB-IoT.


Siwon and Aaron are at the Hannover Messe today, and they'll be joined by Jeff on Wednesday. If you're in Germany, makes sure you drop by. They are located in Hall 9, stand A08/2. We can send you a ticket and have a cup of coffee ready to great you with. 

Our move was epic! Today we set up tables, chairs and (Jeff's favorite) the MXC Coffee Machine. We'll introduce you to our new office in a few days. Right after we clean up the boxes.

Posted by Jeff Stahlnecker on Apr 1, 2019 5:34:04 PM
Jeff Stahlnecker
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