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MXC Guy News Update: Public Sale is over and we'll see you on Huobi

Posted by Jeff Stahlnecker
Jeff Stahlnecker
on Oct 19, 2018 6:42:50 PM


MXC won the Huobi Next competition, gaining Huobi as a supporter and a free listing on Huobi. Our public sale is over! On Friday at 5 PM we ended the public sale. Special thanks to all of our supporters!

Original Script:

On Wednesday MXC won the Huobi Next contest guaranteeing us a listing on Huobi Global. Huobi BD Director Elaine Du said that MXC is one of the only challengers to win within 13 minutes. She also said that people believe in MXC, and the team’s ability to build the foundation for the future of IoT.

The Huobi results spurred massive interest in the MXC Public sale, forcing us the close the sale early. That’s right, the MXC allocation for the public sale is gone, having ended today at 5 PM CEST. A big thanks goes out to all of you who participated in the Public Sale. Our goal is to send you your MXC Allocation in November - however we only guarantee that you will receive it within 90 days from today.

If you missed the ICO, you still have a chance to get MXC. The MXC Content Bounty will continue until October 31. All the detail about this program are available at www.mxc.org/bounty

For those of you who are new to MXC, I’m Jeff the MXC Guy and once a week I put together a short news briefing for you about what we’ve been doing at MXC. This will of course continue past the ICO as we develop the MXProtocol, sign MOUs and promote the global adoption of LPWAN technology. We will also continue the MXC for Beginners series, covering more elements of MXC and LPWAN.

This has been this week’s MXC News Update! I look forward to talking you all again next week. Until then, get active, be in the community, ask us questions. We’re here to build the future of IoT together.


Posted by Jeff Stahlnecker on Oct 19, 2018 6:42:50 PM
Jeff Stahlnecker
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