Meet MXC DataDash

The World’s Data Mining App Just Got A Whole Lot More Powerful

Stake, Earn, and Relax

The DataDash App makes it easy to get your tokens working for you! Turn your mobile into a powerful, crypto earning tool!

This revolutionary mining technology, brought to you by the MXC Foundation allows you to mine a multitude of IoT Data and cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin, MXC, IPFS and DataHighway token, easier, cheaper and faster than ever before!


Make your favourite token work for you. Using the MXC DataDash you’ll be able to stake your tokens with the power of our global Supernode network. Earn healthy returns on the amount you stake, each month, every month!


Set up your Data Miners with the DataDash App, watch the progress, watch your earnings and cash out whenever you want. It’s high earning mining, made simple.

Data Tracking

If Data is the new gold, then get ready for your own mining. DataDash is taking crypto, IoT and Data into the future, it’s time to get onboard!

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Turn your mobile into a powerful, crypto earning tool!