Introducing the most progressive step in the burgeoning global data economy. A step that is set to reform the data transmission market and significantly increase token / data transaction speeds. Welcome to the new world of data, welcome to MXC Supernodes.

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What is an MXC Supernode?

How to Become an MXC Supernode

MXC Supernode Staking and Profit Sharing

Innovative technology for
IoT and Smart City integrations

MXC Supernodes bring industry changing innovations to LPWAN technologies. Many of these are available to you absolutely free.

Automatic device provisioning for
supported manufacturers

Customizable to work with
any data type

Designed for
LPWAN device roaming

M2M Wallet for
Device Transactions

Built in
data visualization

Supernode Operators

Each supernode is operated independantly by a global network of respected companies.

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MXC Supernodes provide LPWAN network services to devices around the world.
Discover what an MXC Supernode can do for you.