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Huobi Korea Listing Event

The biggest MXC Airdrop Competition

Win up to 1.5 Million MXC

To celebrate listing of MXC on Huobi Korea, we are announcing the biggest MXC Airdrop competition ever! Participate today and take part in the stake of 1.5 Million MXC. 

There are two events:

  • MXC HODLer Champion (Event duration: January 16-January 20)
  • Huobi Official Blog Share (Event duration: January 16 - January 20)

Get active on Huobi Korea and win up to 1.3 MILLION MXC

Who will be the ultimate MXC HODLer Champion? Head over to Huobi Korea and start trading to claim your title of a CHAMPION. There are a total of 5 rounds, a round each day for 5 days!

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Talk to us on social media and join with your friends

Every engagement you have with us on Social media will let your friends know that you are taking part! Write about us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Each post is one more friend joining the MXC Community! The more, the merry!


Join us on our Telegram and find the answers to your questions

Head over to our Telegram group! We will answer any questions you may have, and it will also be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other! Are you already a community member? Then you can welcome the new faces!

Rules and Regulations: MXC HODLer Champion

This is valid only for trading on Huobi Korea. All accounts must have at least Level 2 verification. The total amount of MXC holding is calculated in the following way: (MXC Purchased) - (MXC Sold) - (MXC Withdrawn). From January 16th until January 20th, 5 winners will be selected (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, and 2 random draws). Prize allocations are as the following: 1st place 150,000 MXC; 2nd place 70,000 MXC; 3rd place 30,000 MXC, and 5,000 MXC for each of the 2 lucky draws. All participating accounts must be verified by Huobi Korea, and each account must be unique to one participating individual. Trading between accounts registered with the same IP address or identical IMEI will not count and automatically be disqualified. Any additional rules imposed by Huobi Korea also must be kept.

Rules and Regulations: Huobi Official Blog Share

All participants must have a blog on Naver blog (www.blog.naver.com). All participating blogs must be neighbors with the official Huobi Korea blog (https://blog.naver.com/huobikorea/). Each blog must talk about MXC's listing on Huobi Korea, and the blogger has total control of the type of content. The total prize pool is 200.000 MXC, and 20 winners will be selected on a lottery basis. The chances of winning increases, depending on the quality of the blog post. All other rules and regulations noted on https://www.huobi.co.kr/ko-KR/notices/469 must be followed. 

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