Your gateway to MXProtocol

The MXC DataDash App allows you to manage your M2 Pro Miner, stake on Supernodes and mine your favorite data tokens through a global network of connected IoT devices.

1K+ monthly
> 60% of 2.6B
$MXC  on wallets
24K+ nodes

The power of MXProtocol, in the palm of your hand

Device Management
& Monitoring

Intuitively manage your data miners and monitor your performance from your mobile phone

& Staking

Mine, stake and earn a multitude of  cryptocurrencies and data tokens through the MXC Datadash app

F-NFT capabilities

Integrate Functional NFTs to boost your mining capabilities  in MXC's gamified metaverse

Management & Monitoring

Simple device management
& monitoring

The MXC DataDash App provides a comprehensive overview that enables you to gain key insights
into mining efficiency, uptime and performance

Just Plug & Play


Download the DataDash App from either Google play or App Store

You’ll need either our M2 Pro Miner or to top up MXC Tokens in order to get the most out of your mining.


Top up your wallet with MXC

No miner? No worries! you can still stake and mine with your MXC tokens by registering with a Supernode.


Register with a Supernode in the App & Stake your MXC

You’ll need either our M2 Miner Pro or own MXC Tokens in order to use the app. Some features can only be accessed through 2FA


Start Mining MXC / DHX / BTC

plus DOT coming soon!

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Multi-token mining at your fingertips

Combined with the M2 Pro and NEO, the DataDash App allows you to easily mine many IoT data tokens and cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, MXC, DHX and Doge.


Maximize your mining benefits with Supernode staking

Increase your potential yield by staking your MXC tokens. Identify an MXC Supernode of your choice and deposit your MXC tokens in order to generate higher yields.

Why Choose Us

Gain a competitive edge through Functional NFTs

Our in-app Functional NFTs enable you to create an avatar, trade your F-NFTs with other MXC DataDash app users and choose from a variety of functional mining assets that can increase your mining capabilities

Earn Meta-XP

End-to-end payments and financial management in a single solution

competitive advantage

Increase mining capabilities and compete with other miners

virtual real estate

Rent out your land to other miners & reap rewards

set your fees

Burn or sell land with your own fees


Display ads on your virtual zone

extended reach

See all possible devices in your zone

universal standard

Use ERC-20 standard NFTs on our marketplace


Create your unique avatar

How can we help?

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Access the MXC Metaverse and get in the game

We are bringing the metaverse open world to our MXC community through MXCMapper and Functional NFTs.

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