Projekt II



Das Kaiser Projekt II deploys a bridge between the traditional POW mining model of Bitcoin mining and the revolutionary Proof of Participation (POP) model of M2 Pro Miner to become the first to provide inter-model operability for miners.

A second version of an alpha testnet running on MXProtocol, Das Kaiser Projekt II supercharges the collective reliability of the M2 Pro miners to mine data blocks and transmit data to bid for a successful mining rewards swap in BTC in a predictive AMM market.

Participating users are rewarded in BTC, should the bidded swap be accepted successfully within the predicted range set in the AMM market.

Das Kaiser Projekt ii

Introducing the DKP II TestNet

Das Kaiser Projekt II is the next-generation V2 alphanet running as a parallel layer on top of the MXProtocol, using the individual miners connected to the MXC M2 Pro miner network as the Point of Transaction (POT). It leverages the collective network strength and reliability into a cloud mining unit that acts as a unified bidder to request for a swap for BTC in a predictive AMM market. DKP II utilizes a powerful scraping tool to scan transactions and liquidity orderbook to set a forward-oriented valuation of BTC to ensure maximum bidded swap between POP mining rewards and BTC’s POW mining rewards.One of the most ambitious projects yet to be carried out, the purpose of Das Kaiser Projekt II is to continue testing our theory and development that could potentially change the way people mine cryptocurrency.

Das Kaiser Projekt II is a unique advancement run by the MXC Foundation to test the viability of Low Power Bitcoin mining on the network POP (Proof of Participation) Mining Model. The MXC Foundation believes this is a breakthrough for not only fluid token minability but also token and project participation, which has been lacking in the Crypto world for many years.

Das Kaiser Projekt ii

Community Participation

To ensure a successful launch of Das Kaiser Projekt II, community participation is required. Over the past couple of months, our developers have been monitoring thousands of miners in order to draft a list of the most reliable miners in the network. Moreover, further research into miner reputation and geographical location have been carried out methodically.The MXC Foundation will choose a select few to be involved in this exclusive low power BTC mining test net event, with an increased sample size. The selection will be made based on a number of mining factors, namely: Accessibility, Location, Uptime / Heartbeat.

Das Kaiser Projekt ii


Participants in Das Kaiser Projekt II will be the first-ever participants to engage in low-power BTC mining. Participants will mine Bitcoin and be able to retain all associated tokens that have been mined during Das Kaiser Projekt II.

In regards to how much will be mined in total, this is a test net, so we make no guarantees. Additionally, participating in Das Kaiser Projekt II will in no way affect (negatively or positively) your ability to mine MXC. This is purely an added bonus for the test net participants.

Das Kaiser Projekt ii


At the moment, we have identified no significant risks involved with Das Kaiser Projekt II. Your M2 Pro miner will continue to mine and receive profits in MXC and DHX tokens.

Das Kaiser Projekt ii


Das Kaiser Projekt II is designed to be a short-term testnet in order to test the code improvement, added technology, the settings, and find optimal configurations for future launch.

Therefore, the entire duration of the project will be limited to around 1 month of low-power BTC mining testing