The German non-profit solving industrial connectivity with Blockchain

The Reliable Wireless Solution for Industrial Connectivity

Trust our Tamper Resistant Solution

Blockchain connected data can be traced back to its original source to help you trust your data more.

Let Your Data Work For You - Flawless Interoperability

Sensors using our industrial wireless solution can be listed in the MXC Data Market. This creates an easy opportunity to resell data, either as a data set, or live stream, to build an additional source of revenue for your company.

Profit from Your Network

Share your unused network resources with third party sensors to increase the reliability of local networks and provide your company with an additional source of revenue.

Read about the Tech

Download the MXC White Papers to discover how MXC improves industrial wireless connectivity.

Why do we do it?

MXC is working to ensure connectivity remains reliable as billions of wireless "things" are added to our networks. As a non-profit, all of our research and development is provided freely to you, both to enable your success and to ensure the reliability of global connectivity in 2053.

Support the Future of Connectivity

As a legal non-profit, MXC accepts donations to support the research and development of open-source wireless connectivity, as well as our mission to make LPWAN the connectivity standard of the future.