Community Involvement Beyond Trading

At MXC, decentralization isn’t just another buzzword. It is a principle we live by. As a part of the MXC Community, you have all the power to support and shape MXC the way you want it to be.

MXC Exchanges

MXC is not just another token that replaces traditional currency. It’s an essential cryptocurrency that enables decentralized, mass-scale IoT connections around the world. When you trade MXC, you’re supporting a new, decentralized data highway, automated with smart contracts and fully blockchain-encrypted. MXC’s value is derived from beyond the market - each MXC token stands for individual ownership of data and a massive space of data transaction and trade. That’s why MXC is chosen by cities, companies, and exchanges worldwide.

Get Involved

At MXC, we believe in the power of community. That’s why the building block of MXC is community involvement. Whether it’s setting up your own LPWAN Gateway to contribute to the ecosystem and earn MXC, learning more about our fundamentals, give direct feedback, or host your own MXC event, we will always give you the support you need to shape MXC the way you want.

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Committed and Connected. MXC Ambassador

MXC Ambassador is the ultimate step for you to be involved in the MXC Community. As an Ambassador, you can host your own MXC Meetup, attend events on behalf of MXC, and gain access to MXC’s global network of aspiring talents and established experts. For each action, you will be rewarded in MXC - allowing you to lead the Future of IoT.