Service Agreement Fee
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Service Agreement Fee

Service Agreement Fee

The MXC Foundation has tariffs for a range of internal services. We understand that this move may result in supporter questions so we published this article, to answer questions our supporters may have and offer a more complete guide to the reasons for this essential move.

Running a complete system, including Technical Support and Customer Care, costs money; a lot of money. We have always taken pride in our exceptional response time and commitment to supporters’ issues. The issues our team deals with are wide and varied, from legitimate technical issues, to questions surrounding purchasing used miners and queries about lost Two Factor Authentication (2FA) passwords.


Over the last few months our support teams (both customer care and technical departments) have been overwhelmed with support queries for replacing DataDash recovery codes or removing 2FA. In all of these cases it is the result of a user error, meaning users have not written down their recovery codes, or they have changed phones, or have deleted their 2FA app.

These issues are handled in a friendly and prompt manner. Nevertheless the number of careless mistakes from our users are adding up. As our mining network grows, so do the support requests. Despite asking all users to write their recovery codes down, many still do not. This results in the need for support from our technical team, which costs us both time and money. As a result of the influx of users who are not taking the highlighted precautions - which we have also gone to great lengths to promote to our community - we must now move to charge for this service.

The technical requirements and data handling that our team must engage in takes a significant amount of time. As a result we are charging a 5,000 (Five Thousand) MXC fee in order to investigate our backend and reconfigure user settings. It is at this point we want to remind our supporters of their responsibility within the Blockchain industry to be responsible with their recovery codes. This is part of decentralization and an element that we would rather not charge, and more importantly rather not get involved. Imagine losing recovery codes for your Bitcoin wallet? This would be catastrophic for anyone.


Furthermore, in regard to deleting miners, as the miner must be carefully and securely removed from the network (on the MXC Backend) there is a large associated cost for this time-consuming process. This occurs when the new purchaser of the miner sends on average three (3) requests in regards to their second hand miner. These questions range from “why the miner hasn’t been deleted?”, to “why the miner has an empty fuel tank?”. All of this takes considerable time and effort from our team, whilst the seller of the miner re-sells the miner and walks-aways with an excellent conclusion to their mining experience. This is why we have brought in a tariff of 5,000 (Five Thousand) MXC in order to cover the further associated costs these miners cause our support team. We strongly believe that the resale value of the miner will easily cover this nominal fee.


Our commitment to support and our response time is unwavering, our commitment to provide excellent customer service will not change under these new regulations, and we thank all of our MXC community for their continuing support.

MXC Team