Full house at MXC Launch Party in Berlin

Our first event was a massive success! Not only did we fill the house while competing with the world cup (oops) - we did it on a Friday evening! Here’s the recap.

Our evening started with MXC Community Manager Carla Sofia Teixeira and myself managing the bar. This gave us a unique opportunity to meet and greet our guests, while at the same time inviting them to become “event journalists” by talking about the event in their social channels. Quite a few of them decided to participate!

After a short introduction from Factory Berlin - CEO Xin Hu took the stage to introduce MXProtocol and provide a few use cases. Graham Buck, editorial contributor to FinTech Futures reported:

“Hu summarised MXC’s mission as making the world a better place by harnessing the potential of the IoT and blockchain and connecting the two so that artificial intelligence (AI) can be harnessed from it. While AI has been a buzz phrase, it is becoming the means for making better decisions and Big Data is the key to achieving this.”

Jeffrey Wernick spoke after Xin, tackling the concept of a sharing economy, and bluntly stating that he doesn’t believe Airbnb and Uber are creating a sharing economy.

Meinharrd Ben took the stage after Wernick, providing some key insights on cryptocurrency.

Last on the stage was MXC COO Aaron Wagener who focused on why MXC chose to build a coin, and what we believe MXC can achieve.

Our scheduled presentations ended with a rather intense Q&A — giving the audience a chance to ask the speakers questions about MXC and what they spoke about.

We then treated our attendees to some, food, drinks and an opportunity to speak with the MXC team and investors 1-on-1. Overall - an enjoyable evening with excellent conversations.

You can watch the entire event here: