M2 Pro: Miner proximity
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M2 Pro: Miner proximity

Supporter feedback drives change to Proximity algorithm

After much consultation with supporters, the management team has decided to make significant changes to the previously discussed miner protocol proximity update proposal. We firmly believe that this new extension provides an excellent opportunity for the miner community to grow and will continue to support miners who have multiple units within their household.

Before any changes to Miner protocols are implemented, the management and development teams from MatchX, MXC the DHX DAO committee, as well as discussing with those who’ll be affected the most from any potential changes, our mining community.

The initial mining proposal was to allow one (1) miner per 50 metre (165 feet) diameter, previously, another miner being placed within this vicinity would then have their mining power reduced by 7%, and so on and so forth. However, after receiving valued feedback from our mining community, it has come to our attention that many miners have multiple units, they saw the 50 metre principal unworkable, especially for those miners who live in apartments, and for those who do not have the ability to spread out over such a distance. We have listened to those comments and we have heard you. As a movement, we always listen to the interests of supporters and the mining community to ensure we get the right balance between miner satisfaction and, at the same time, building the world’s most robust and free data network.

We now believe that, after much consultation with the community, we have reached a successful conclusion for all parties. The new regulation, which is expected to be implemented around March of 2022 will no longer punish 2 singular miners in one location. Moving forward, there will be a maximum of ten (10) M2 Pro miners within a 2km (1.25 miles) vicinity without any affect to their proximity mining. This change means, the eleventh (11th) miner within the 2km vicinity will be affected by a 20% miner health reduction, a twelfth (12th) by 40%, a thirteenth (13th) by 60%, a fourteenth (14th) by 80% and a fifteenth (15th) by 100% any further additions above fifteen would have the same issue as the fifteenth miner. The 2km (1.25 mile) diameter will be demonstrated within the Data Dash App and will be shown within a hexagonal diameter. This principle is based on a Miner fuel tank basis, meaning if there are ten (10) miners within a 2km (1.25 mile) diameter, and an eleventh (11th) wishes to join the diameter of the others within the network then a review of the MXC tank will be made. Priority mining will then be awarded to those miners who have more “total token” in their fuel tank, for those who have less total token in their tank, they will be reassigned a position outside of the other miners that have more in their tank. The very moment that any of the eleven (11) miners change their amount of fuel in their tank, this will affect their mining rank and potentially their ability to remain in the key positions within the 2km (1.25 mile) diameter.

In the rare case that the miner does not connect immediately to GPS the algorithm will place the miner in the best estimated position based on other factors and sporadic “last readings” of GPS positioning.

The idea behind this new proximity implementation process is to ensure a level playing field and increased fairness across the POP proof of participation network. After a recent analysis of the M2 Pro miner global network we believe that this community led change will affect less than 12% of the entire mining community. This implementation will also ensure continued growth, extending the global reach of the M2 Pro miner movement and allow for the reduction of any unsustainable illicit “miner farm” activity, which neither benefits the community or the global network we are all trying to build as part of the #DataRepublic.

We are excited to see these new elements implemented with little to no effect on most miners. As always, we welcome feedback from all supporters and mining community members. Thank you for your ongoing support, we are here to build the future of Data, via the world’s largest #DataRepublic.